Germ Busters

Stopping spread of flu and sickness

Created by: Tanner Hansen, Mya Bruhschwein, Trey Dew, Reece Wagner, Jordan Larson

Mission Statement

To minimize the spread of germs and sickness in schools and public places.

Research and Background info

Common way germs are spread

  • Hands to face, eyes, and nose
  • Hands to food
  • Animals to people

Life Cycle of a Germ

A germ can live of for 6 hours on a surface but can last for days if it on a human.

How fast can germs spread in a school?

One whole classroom was infected in just one hour.

impacts of flu on communities

56,979 people have died from the flu in the past 10 years.

Hot Spots within the School

3 Major Hot Spots

  • Doorknobs- these are using everyday by staff and students as the go from room to room
  • Computers- used by students consistently every day for schoolwork/activities
  • student ID number pad- Used by almost every student every day for buying lunch and/or breakfast. THIS IS ARGUABLY THE WORST GERM SPREADER
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Possible Solutions

Some Possible Solutions

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers on wall before/after lunch line because of student id scanners
  • Make sure soap dispensers are full and not empty
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers around gym for after using equipment
  • have barcode on student id and barcode scanners for lunch line
  • Janitorial service disinfect doorknobs
  • Have disinfectant wipes on all computer carts
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