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December 4, 2015

Message from Administration

Calendar Update

The faculty meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8th has been cancelled. We will complete the agenda that was planned for that day on our January work day.

12 Days of Christmas

I hope everyone will enjoy the bit of festive fun! Be sure to put your name in the basket at Terri's desk each day if you participate! Prizes will be given out on the last Friday before break. A few people asked me about the cookie "exchange." It's more of a "bake cookies to share with everyone that day" kind of thing. Bake (or buy, in my case) a dozen or so and place on the tables in the mail room. The staff can enjoy them throughout the day.

Preference Forms for 16-17

Believe it or not projections and staff allotments for next year will be here in just a few short weeks. While we continue to remain focused on this year, the admin team will also begin to plan for next. Preference forms will be in your box next week. They will be due back to me (please put them in my box) on Friday, December 18th.

Holiday Shop

Holiday Shop begins next week. It is imperative that you remain on schedule. Please arrive on time. PTA volunteers process a lot of student purchases in a very short amount of time. If you are late, it backs up the classes for the day. Thank you for sticking to the schedule! This is a fun event for the kids!

Perfect Attendance Celebration - December 18

Please send students with perfect attendance for the SEMESTER to the gym at the following times. Special teachers - please plan to attend the celebration.

K,1............1:30 - 1:55

2, 3...........2:00 - 2:25

4, 5...........8:25 - 8:50

Silent Transition

As the holidays approach, please be mindful that we will continue to enforce silent transition in the hallways. The admin team will be helping to monitor outside the lunchroom on random days in December. It is important for the students to still follow our rules and expectations so that we can maintain good behavior. Thanks for helping with this!

Mid-Year Data Profile Sheet- Deadline is Friday, January 15th

Please complete your mid-year data on your profile sheet by January 15th. You will not need to save this one to the Shared Drive. You will save your copy and print a hard copy to take to your RBES meetings (which will be schedule late January).

*We will not have midyear data for the extended response. Students will be assessed again in March. This data (March assessment) will serve as the EOY data for the extended response.

From Tiffany

Testing begins Monday, December 7th. Please review the assigned dates, times, and testing locations. Please print this for paraprofessionals who will be proctoring. Don't forget to make up students who are absent just like you would any other common assessment. You have until 12/18 to complete student make ups.

All grade levels will take Reading and Math online. Gwin Oaks will NOT take Part B for these subjects for this mid year assessment. Grades will need to be entered into the grade book for all subjects in the correct percentage tab. Make sure you use the grade conversion chart.

Grades 3-5 will use grade cam for Science and Social Studies.

3-5 teachers, please make sure you are printing the CORRECT grade cam halo.

Return Science and Social Studies tests and scored halos back to me.

Please provide scratch paper for Math in all grades. Please also have students bring a Just Right Book or use e-class once they have completed the test.

You should have students raise their hands to show you their completed test before pressing submit. This is an accountability practice so that you will know if tests are missing in School Net right away.

3-5 IRR teachers - you will conduct small group read-aloud tests for all subjects.

Haile & Pagan will also conduct small group read-alouds for all subjects for students with accommodations.

Let Tiffany if you have any questions. Thanks!

Holiday Gift Shop - Friday, December 11, is reshop time for any student who did not shop at their scheduled time:

8:10-9:10 - 2nd and 3rd

9:20-10:20 - 4th and 5th

10:30-11:30 - Kindergarten and 1st

PreK and Special Ed classes can come during any of the three shopping times. All shopping must be completed before 11:30 on Friday.

Building Open Saturday! If you need to come work, the building will be open from 10:30 - 4:00. Please meet Tiffany at 10:30 if you are coming.

Spelling Bee

Fourth & Fifth Grade Teachers, please don't forget to add your classroom spelling bee winners to OneNote before we leave for the break!

DA's, Laptop drop-off:

We have two different dates for student laptop drop off -

Thursday, December 9 - Teachers in the original building and trailers by the gym, turn in laptops to PLC room.

Friday, December 11 - Teachers in the K-2 building and surrounding trailers, turn in laptops on the cart outside Ms. Webb's math room.

All laptops will be able to be picked up on Wednesday, December 16th.

ESOL- For Classroom Teachers Who Serve These Students.

Would you like more resources & support for your classroom as you instruct our EL students in reading and writing? Here is your opportunity! (optional)

Reading Instruction for ELs (RIE) (20 hours)-Next Offered February 11- March 31 (projected) Number of participants:

Maximum of 25 sign up in the PD& E if you are interested

** Testimony from other teachers who have taken this course:

“RIE has taught me to deepen my instruction for understanding and development of ELS.” – A.h.

“This class has given me wonderful new ideas that I have gone back and used in my classroom. The understanding of how our ELL students learn English is enlightening and very helpful.” – d.g

“This RIE class has been very informative and helpful. Not only do we learn theory, but many practical strategies. This Is my second time taking it in the last 5-6 years. Love the instructors!” G.K

ELs Write! (10 hours)- Sign- Up in PD&E



FEBRUARY 29, 2016

MARCH 7, 2016

MARCH 14, 2016

MARCH 2, 2016



***Testimony for those who have attended:

ELs Write is a great opportunity to clarify, understand effective and appropriate instructional strategies and assessment practices. It was wonderful to interact and collaborate with teachers, share experiences and learn practical strategies to bring back into my classroom and immediately utilize. I have a better understanding of how my EL student and how to better teach and assess their writing, helping them feel successful and capable. I highly recommend this class to new and veteran teachers alike. – L.W.

* I came into a position teaching ELs without having much experience. This class has helped me with strategies for helping my ELs and also gave me a great change of perspective. I recommend this for anyone who needs support or even just a boost. – S.P.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teachers: (optional)

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) is currently seeking feedback in an effort to improve the Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS). These optional surveys seek input to help identify areas for improvement so that the assessment is providing the most useful information to all stakeholders in the most efficient manner possible. This is optional, but please consider responding to the survey designated for your grade level.

Kindergarten Teacher Survey:

First Grade Teacher Survey:

Weather Update

What: Cold weather temperatures for outside participation

Temperatures are starting to drop near freezing for low temperatures with daytime temperatures in the 40 to 60 degree range. It is suggested that when wind chill temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the amount of time spent outside should be limited to 20 minutes or less during school hours. The amount of time should be adjusted down as the temperatures drop below freezing. Physical Education classes should be cautious since all students may not be dressed appropriately for these temperatures and instruction may be more difficult. Remember that you can always check the wind chill or heat index by using the following website.

Fire Drill Update: Great job today! A few reminders, classroom teachers need to find their class if they are at specials and stand with them during the drill once outside. The coaches will be stationed at the lower playground with Tiffany Taylor to assist in accounting for all classes.


December 7..........3rd Grade Field Trip - Env. Center

December 7..........DDA Testing

December 7-11....Holiday Shop - Trailer #2013

December 7..........STEAM Vertical @ GSMST

December 8..........DDA Testing

December 8..........Dogwood Pizza Night

December 9..........Cover to Cover Book Club

December 10........DDA Testing

December 10........IF-FIP-PL

December 11........DDA Testing

December 11........5th Grade Field Trip - Env. Center

December 11........Math Cluster Colab Facilitator Meeting @ GOES

December 11........Gwinnett Gladiators Game

December 14-17...DDA Testing

December 14-17...Hour of Code

December 15........eCLASS Workshop 8:00 - 2:45

December 15........STEAM Meeting 3:20 - 4:20

December 17........Field Trip to Cannon Church 10:00 - 12:30

December 17........Winter Holiday Concert - 6:00

December 18........Semester Perfect Attendance Celebration

December 18........Winter Holiday Concert

...................................K-2 - 8:30

..................................3-5 - 9:30


Congratulations to Manny who goes above and beyond, working hard - and always with a smile. He is a blessing to all!


Pam Head will be retiring at the holiday break. Be sure to go by to give her well wishes! I know she will love having more time to spend with her family. Thank you, Pam, for all your years of service.

Allison Kruskamp (Katie Rhea's long term sub and a wonderful Gwin Oaks parent) will be the new 4th and 5th grade SLD teacher. Please welcome her to the family!

Big image

Thank you for those that have paid their dues. Once I receive dues I send a confirmation email. Also thank you to the following grade representatives. If your grade level does not have a representative or I do not have your name listed, please let me know.







Sepcial Education

Special Areas-

(Your duties include collecting funds from teachers and informing me of any concerns that sunshine can assist with)

It’s that time of year to pay Sunshine dues. Gwin Oaks Sunshine is a fund that is used to take care of our Gwin Oaks staff. Care Team Guidelines are located on the counseling page in eCLASS.

What: $30 Sunshine Dues, $15.00 for part time staff and paraprofessionals

To Whom: Give dues to your Grade Level Representative or Natalie Pugh (CHECKS PREFERRED)

(checks should be made payable to Gwin Oaks Elementary Sunshine Fund)


Anticipated Internet Outages

We anticipate a large number of service outages and Denial of Service attacks during DA testing weeks. Please plan accordingly by printing or saving materials to your desktop in case the portal and internet is down.

Grades Due

Grades are due Tuesday, January 5, at 11pm

Terri will print verification sheets Wednesday, January 6th

Verification sheets are due to Tonya on Friday, January 8th, by 4pm

Terri will print final report cards Tuesday, January 12th

Report cards go home Friday, January 15th

Your gradebook will reflect the new QTR after December 18th. Please click on the bottom tabs to the left to change back to QTR2.

Handouts are available in Everything GOES in the C&I.

Also be aware that the parent portal switched over, too. Therefore, no grades are posted in the parent portal after December 18th. Only in student course history.

eCLASS Statistics - Way to keep up the student access EVEN ON BREAK!!!

Big image

This teacher access was from the week BEFORE break.

Big image
Big image

2015 Hour of Code

Students of all ages can choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, for kindergarten up. A spark to keep learning computer science. Once students see what they create right before their eyes, they’re empowered to keep going. A global movement with more than 100 million learners in 196 countries.

Any class can sign up for one 30 to 60 min slot. If you would like your class to participate, please sign up on or the school Symbaloo page. Please look for your name if your class will be doing Coding during specials.

Please encourage students to bring their own devices since I will not have enough for each child and labs won't be available due to DDA testing. *Kindergarten and maybe 1st grade might consider doing whole group instruction. Please indicate when signing up.

Due to DDA testing this event will take place in your classroom and I have extended the dates from one week to two weeks beginning on December 7 and ending on December 17.

We have some exciting tools for this year's hour of code! Looking forward to meeting with you and your students.

eCLASS Updates

Deep Linking –

Direct links to eCLASS C&I via email. Users will be taken directly to the page or content upon logging in to Portal.

• Will take you to the Portal, Then to the actual page right after login • This works for content, drop boxes, discussions and assessments (if linked to the preview page). It does NOT work with news, surveys and rubrics.

Default Mobile View • Users of the eCLASS C&I Tool who login with mobile devices will now see the full desktop view rather than the mobile view, This has been done to provide for a consistent user experience across phones, tablets and computers.

Importing grades from eCLASS to gradebook


eCLASS Parent Help:

(Teachers please add to your Newsletters)

Need technical help with your eCLASS pages any time of the day?

Click on the question mark in the corner of course page to receive immediate tech help!


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Zoo Front Gate Rate: $10.95 per participant

Online Rate: $9.95 per participant

Please call our Reservations Department at 404-624-5822 if you have any questions.

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Saturday – December 12th (7:05 pm vs. Orlando), “Sing for Santa” Christmas Concert

MVP Seating – share the memories with everyone in your group with block seating.

MVP Recognition – Your group’s name will be on the video board with an in-game PA announcement to welcome you!

MVP Discounts – each one of your group’s attendees will receive a one-time 10% discount coupon for Gladiators Gear.

MVP Perks – one lucky member of your group will win a special Gladiators prize!

Place an order online GCPS ORDER CODE: gcps1212

More Gladiator Season Details

Saturday – January 23rd (7:05 pm vs. Evansville), $5.00 Duffel Bags

Saturday – February 6th (7:05 pm vs. Brampton), $5.00 Mesh Replica Jerseys

Saturday – March 19th (7:05 pm vs. Greenville), “Star Wars Night”

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It’s scholarship time at Peach State Federal Credit Union! For our 2016 Scholarship Program, we are awarding a total of $138,200 in scholarships and educational grants.

Our Career Advancement Scholarships, which honor the founders of Peach State, are a part of this program. Recognizing the importance of education as a lifelong experience, we will award 16 $2,000 Career Advancement Scholarships to eligible members of our credit union. All scholarship winners will be chosen by the end of April 2016 and notified shortly thereafter.

To be considered for the scholarships, all applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

· Must be a credit union member in good standing

· Must currently be enrolled in an accredited program of study at a college, university or technical institute with the goal of career advancement (proof of paid registration documents for current term or class schedule from accredited institution must be included).

Completed applications and supporting documentation must be received by Peach State no later than March 18, 2016. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Deborah Fancher

Business Development

Peach State Federal Credit Union

Phone: 770.513.6394

Fax: 770.963.4066



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Holiday Dinner Buffet

Dec. 28 - Jan. 2 - $42.99

Click here for details.

Promo code: HOLIDAY4

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