Katelyn Reinert


What natural resources can be found in Peru ?

The natural resources found in Peru are ,copper ,silver, gold, petroleum, timber ,and fish.


How many wars did Peru have?

Four wars,Spanish conquest of the Inca empire (1552-1572)

Juan Santos Atahualpa rebellion (1742-1756)

Rebellion of tarmacadam 2 (1780s)

Bermudian war of independence (1811-1824).


What kind of holidays does Peru have and how are they different from the U.S.A holidays?

On of their holidays are corpus Christ meaning "The body of Christ".That holiday is celebrated almost two months after Easter.


Why does Peru have dry deserts and hot humid rain forests, and how does it effect Peru's every day lives?
T^he amazon basin and the Andes cover half of the country so, it might be hard for
them because of the dangerous wildlife.
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