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Chardon Schools Newsletter - SPECIAL EDITION 01.26.2021


Building the Future of Public Education

As part of our district's celebration of School Board Recognition Month 2021, we have dedicated this edition of Topper Talk to brief interviews of each of our school board members, complete with a fun photo or two from their own school days,

as well as thank you messages from our schools.


School Board Recognition Gift from Tiny Toppers Preschool


Treasured Children's Books

  • Winnie the Pooh - by A.A. Milne
  • fairy tales - I devoured them when I was a little kid.

Favorite School Subjects

  • English
  • History
  • Speech Class

Fond School Memories

In my speech class, I worked with a small group to recreate a radio broadcast. It was so fun and made me realize the importance of this kind of learning.

An Influential Teacher

Mrs. Thompson, my third-grade teacher who noticed and liked me. She said I laughed at her funny jokes.

4E's Path

I grew up in a time when women could be nurses, secretaries, moms and teachers, but for me teaching was a calling. My mom and grandma had been teachers.

    I went to college in two sections - the first right after high school for two years and then after my babies were born. I went back a class or two at a time and finally finished after five more years. I had a chance to love college life in the dorm with friends and to find the real joy of academic challenge and interest.
    Teacher - 30 years in public education teaching English, directing high school plays, and volunteering for the Educational Theatre Association
    (now retired from teaching at Chardon Schools)

Current Hobbies


  • I've been to Kenya, England, Italy, Spain and Scotland (both with family and with students) as well as much of the United States. Can't wait to get back at that. My grandkids are asking when we go again.
I love reading and talking about books. I have so many favorites for so many reasons. Books are great friends. Favorites include:
  • Louise Penny's mysteries
  • historical novels
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - by Mark Twain
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - by Harper Lee
  • Live theater is the best. I've seen Shakespeare at the Globe in London and wonderful musicals in small venues in Chicago. Some of my best memories are my years directing theater at Chardon High School.

Chardon Schools BOE

  • currently serving in my 8th year (2nd term)
  • 2021 office: BOE President

A Treasured Chardon Schools Memory

The February 2020 Book Club discussion - Salt to the Sea - between local senior citizens and teacher Lynn Monaco’s senior students. Both sets of seniors were so excited.


Treasured Children's Books

  • Charlotte's Web - by E.B. White
  • Winnie the Pooh - by A.A. Milne

Favorite School Subject

  • Math - I have always liked numbers and logic. And I think this led to my career as a computer programmer.

Fond School Memories

I really enjoyed my high school years, and I have a lot of special memories from marching band. We were a competition band so we not only performed at the football games, but we were busy every weekend competing or marching in shows and parades.

An Influential Teacher

Wally Gillman was my data processing instructor my junior year at the joint vocational school I attended my last two years of high school. I don't know if I would have continued on to obtain my Associate degree if it wasn't for his encouragement.

4E's Path

    After attending the joint vocational school, I went to a community college and earned my Associate degree in data processing.
  • EMPLOYMENT (retired)
    My first job was a third-shift computer operator in a bank. From there I went into computer programming. After a number of years experience working as a programmer/analyst for different manufacturing companies, I decided to become an independent contractor and spent several years working with businesses converting their systems for Y2K.

Current Hobbies

  • Genealogy - For someone who never liked history, I really enjoy researching my ancestors. It amazes me how much information can be found just by sitting in my family room and searching the Internet.
  • Crafts
Current Favorite Books
  • I enjoy lighthearted mysteries.

Chardon Schools BOE

  • currently serving in my 10th year (3rd term)
  • 2021 office: BOE Vice-President
  • 2021 appointments:
    Chardon Schools Foundation Liaison
    Tax Review Incentive Council Representative

Treasured Chardon Schools Memories

Graduation ceremonies - handing a student their diploma and knowing that they are beginning the next chapter in their lives is what makes everything we do worth it. It was really special when I was able to hand diplomas to two of my kids when they graduated CHS. As board president at the time they graduated, my signature is on their diplomas.


Treasured Children's Books

  • The Hobbit - by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy - by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Just So Stories - by Rudyard Kipling
  • My Side of the Mountain - by Jean Craighead George
    (I very much wanted a peregrine falcon!)

Favorite School Subjects

  • Science Classes - especially Physics & Chemistry Lab

Fond School Memories

Friday night football games in the marching band (drum section) were very fun times.

An Influential Teacher

My high school English teacher, Mr. Shaner, had taught at the school for a very long time, and he had earned a reputation as a very stern teacher. For materials, he required that we have a three-ring binder with wide-ruled paper, and we had to write in cursive using a fountation pen! But he also taught drama and was an entirely different teacher for that class. His love for theater was readily apparent, and he let out his humorous side.

4E's Path

    I attended Case Western Reserve University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.
    I've been employed as an electrical controls engineer since 1992.

Current Hobbies

  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Reading
  • Playing tabletop games and Dungeons & Dragons with family and friends.
A Favorite Fiction Book
  • The Name of the Wind - by Patrick Rothfuss
A Favorite Non-Fiction Book
  • Caste - by Isabel Wilkerson

Chardon Schools BOE

  • currrently serving in my 2nd year (1st term)
  • 2021 appointment: Legislative Liaison

A Treasured Chardon Schools Memory

It has been an interesting year to become a board member, with many unique experiences. The 2020 graduation stands out for me. It was memorable because it was my first as a member and also because it was so unique - a drive-thru graduation ceremony.


A Treasured Children's Book

  • Curious George Goes to the Hospital - by Margret Rey and H.A. Rey

Favorite School Subject

  • Automotive Repair

Fond School Memory

  • Participating in the Plymouth Troubleshooting contest in Columbus in 1977.
    [High school students were selected to compete in a time-based contest of identifying and repairing several malfunctions in vehicles that were identically rigged. The event was held in the 1960s and 1970s and was sponsored by Plymouth who would supply the cars. Mr. Stefanko was a finalist in the 1977 event.]

An Influential Teacher

  • Ray Golick, Industrial Arts Teacher at St. Joseph High School

4E's Path

    United States Marine Corps - 5 years
    Lake County Telecommunications Department - 35+ years
    Currently employed as Telecommunications Director.
Current Hobbies
  • Camp Sue Osborn - volunteering for 33+ years
    The camp provides experiences for Ohio's individuals with special needs in Geauga and Lake Counties. Mr. Stefanko designs and manufactures wood crafts that the campers assemble and take home.
  • Wood Crafts
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Horses
  • My Dog

A Favorite Book

  • It Doesn't Take a Hero - by General Norman Schwarzkopf
Chardon Schools BOE
  • currently serving in my 16th year (4th term)
  • 2021 appointment: Auburn Career Center Representative

A Treasured Chardon Schools Memory

Presenting my daughter with her high school diploma.


A Treasured Children's Book

  • Lord of the Rings - by J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite School Subjects

  • Science was always my favorite subject throughout school - particularly Chemistry in later years.

Fond School Memories

  • I would say some of the friendships established during my school years, some of which have endured over the years, even after moving countries.

An Influential Teacher

  • My chemistry teacher - Mr. McLaughlin. His knowledge and teaching of the subject spurred me on to pursuing further education and a career in chemistry.

4E's Path

    After High School, I went to the University of Newcastle in the North East of England to study Chemistry. Following this, I continued on to get my Ph.D., also in Chemistry. This was complicated a bit when my advisor took a new position at Kansas State University in the United States. But I followed him and successfully completed and defended my thesis.
    After graduation, I spent two years at Virginia Tech as a Visiting Assistant Professor before moving to Ohio in 1989 for a job with Sherwin-Williams. I have been at Sherwin-Williams ever since and am currently Associate Director of Research and Development Services.
Current Hobbies
  • Weather enthusiast - measuring & reporting on local weather
  • Travelling
  • Genealogy
  • Reading
  • Cycling and Walking
  • Recently, I have started learning more about programming and interfacing microcontrollers.

Current Favorite Books

  • Inspector Ian Rutledge series - by Caroline and Charles Todd
  • DCI Banks series - by Peter Robinson
Chardon Schools BOE
  • currently serving in my 10th year (3rd term)
  • 2021 appointment: Student Liaison

Treasured Chardon Schools Memories

A couple of things spring to mind. One is graduation. This is what we are working toward as a district - graduating students onto their next stage in life, whatever that might be (further education, employment, military service etc.). It's great to see our students walk the stage and to be able to award their diplomas.
The other is my role as the Student Staff Liaison. Each month, I review activities in the different schools, including Auburn Career Center and get to talk about some of the highlights. It has given me a deeper appreciation of the positive things going on in our schools.


I wish to acknowledge the recognition items submitted from our schools and programs that celebrate the hard work and dedicated service of our Board members and to extend my appreciation to each of our five board members for their continued efforts on behalf of our students and community. This has been an extraordinary year as we work together amidst the ongoing pandemic, and your diligent dedication and time commitment to all the additional details we have needed to address this year have been nothing short of extraordinary.

~Superintendent Mike Hanlon

I too want to underscore board recognition month. Thank you for all your time, commitment and leadership to us. As an administrative team during these challenging times, it certainly has been a road that we've been navigating with the wind at our back and our sights focused on the end game.

~Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs - Mr. Steven Kofol

Maple Elementary marquee - Thank You Message for School Board Members

Click Dr. Kelly Moran Image for Video

Thank You Slide & Photos from Maple KDG Teacher Mrs. Setzer and Students
Thank You Slide & Photos with Mrs. Laurie Heintz and Tiny Toppers Students
Thank You Slide w/Photos - Maple KDG Teacher Mrs. Ridgeway and Students
Thank You Slide with Photos - Maple KDG Teacher Miss Ellis and Students
Thank You Slide & Photos - Maple KDG Virtual Teacher Mrs. Klembara and Students
Thank You Slide & Photos - Maple KDG Teacher Mrs. Maheu and Students
Thank You Graphic and Photo of Mrs. Chelsie Jackson, Park & Maple School Nurse
Munson Hilltoppers logo
Munson Elementary marquee - BOE Thank You Message
Park Hilltoppers logo
Park Elementary marquee - BOE Thank You Message

Click Student Image for Park Elem. Video

Tiny Toppers logo
Gifts & Cards from Tiny Toppers Preschool to BOE Members
Chardon Middle School Hilltoppers logo
Lego-Framed Photo of BOE Members - made by Chardon Middle School
BOE Thank You Card from Chardon Middle School
Chardon High School Hilltoppers logo

Slide from Our Student Liaisons, Mary and Cade, at the Jan. 11 Board Meeting

Student Liaison School Board Recognition Slide Presented at Jan. 11 BOE Meeting


Big picture
Thanks to Chardon Schools for the lovely notes and gifts board members received at the January meeting. We are so thankful for all efforts on our behalf.

~Mrs. Horvath

This (the gifts) is so humbling to see. Please pass along our thanks to everyone. And please pass along a thank you to Mrs. Puterbaugh and the class that put the song together.

~Mrs. Blankenship

Just unpacked the box and wow! Thank you to all of our schools for the kind, thoughtful gifts. And the (Park Elementary students singing) made my day. Thank you everyone! You’re the reason we love being board members!

~Mr. Brewster

Thanks for the treats!
~Mr. Stefanko

This (the gifts) is very thoughtful and appreciated. And the video (Park Elementary students singing) made my day.

~Dr. Wilson


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