What We Learned...

at the April 16th MacBook Wednesday meeting

Below is a summary of what we learned at our informal meeting on Wednesday, April 16th. I have listed the questions, a brief explanation of the topic, and then a screencast video demonstrating whatever it is. Enjoy!

(If you want to add more questions for the next meeting, just add them to the Google Doc by CLICKING HERE.)

How do I minimize the resolution on my MacBook when I plug it into the projector?

When I plug in my projector everything on my screen gets really big! But everything on the projector looks okay. How do I make the screen on my Mac look normal while I'm projecting stuff?
Projector Resolution

How do I get my dock on the side instead of the bottom?

Did you notice that my programs are on the left side of my screen instead of at the bottom? Here's how I did that! And a few more things to personalize your Dock...
Dock Preferences

Hot Corners!

What are Hot Corners? What can they do? How do I get them setup on my MacBook?!
Hot Corners

How do I use sticky notes on the Mac?

I can use sticky notes on a Mac?! Yep. Just like Post-Its!

How can I share QR codes & images on Google Drive?

I have this awesome QR Code in Google Drive, but I can't figure out how to share it with anyone. This goes for my pictures too. I see them. I can open them. I just can't find the shared button!
Share Image on Google Drive

Show smart notebook activity in fullscreen?

I love my SMART Notebook activities, but when I show them on the SMART Board they look funny! How do I fix that?
SmartBoard Fullscreen

What is AirServer? How does it work?

AirServer vs. AirPlay.... Whats the difference?! How do they work? What devices can I use it on? We also discussed this topic, though it is difficult to demonstrate through a video. Please email me if you have any questions about it, or add your questions to the Google Doc below.

MacBook Wednesday: Session #2

Wednesday, April 23rd, 3:15pm

800 Fox Ave

Lewisville, TX

Meet in the Library after school. I will plan on staying until 4:30pm, but please feel free to leave whenever you need to. We can also stay later if needed. This course will NOT be in Eduphoria.