First Grade News

Mrs. Work/Mrs. Baker, Room 22

Highlights from Week 35: May 9-13

Hello Families!

We had a great week and really seemed to enjoy each other.

I am so proud of our class...we had 5 Peacemaker Awards from our class announced last week...Lilian, Isabella, Alexandra, Hope, and Ben. (Sorry that Ben and Hope did not get in the picture.) These school-wide awards are given to kids who are recognized by staff at recess times for showing Appropriate, Safe, Kind behaviors. These award-winning kids might also be seen showing friendly behaviors such as solving problems at recess and asking others to join in their game!

Thank you to so many families that came to enjoy W.E.C.A.R.E. Games - Family Night last Thursday. The kids, families, and my daughter and I had a great time with Mag learning to play different non-competitive games that are popular around the world. Thank you to the PTA for providing us with the funds to have such a great experience here at school.

Reading Groups: We were able to have a whole class reading group this week because some of our reading teachers were doing district-wide testing. This gave us a chance to read some fun literature and enrich it with art projects. We read some Dr. Seuss stories using three different sources: a read aloud hard cover book, an audio CD and book, and a read aloud story on the Ipad. Our stories were Bartholomew and the Oobleck, Gertrude McFuzz, and If I Ran the Zoo. We had fun reading the stories, discussing the lessons that the characters learned, making OOBLECK!!, and creating fun artwork that you can enjoy on the bulletin board outside our classroom.

Writing: Our Nat Geo Unit this week took us into a study of weather. We've been discussing cause and effect related to weather events such as rain, wind, flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Much more to come on this topic...we've only just begun!

Math: (Chapter 12) Study of 2-D shapes. Our main goals are understanding and being able to discuss orally (using math vocabulary) 1) attributes, 2) combining shapes to make new ones, and 3) breaking down complex shapes back into our basic shapes. I'm impressed how much the kids know intuitively and want to share their way of solving the problems.

Our class has a field trip coming up on Wed., May 25 to Dischinger Orthodondics. It is during our lunch hour so each student will be required to have a sack lunch, either from home or ordered from our kitchen. We will board a bus at 11:40AM and return to Oak Creek at 1:20PM. It would be great if 3-4 parents would like to volunteer to chaperone. Please let me know ASAP if you can. I currently have 2 parents who have volunteered to go. I've received messages from several of you if your child needs to order a school sack lunch ($3.50 meal account charge). If you haven't told me yet, I need to confirm the order of school-provided sack lunches by May 17, Tuesday.

Please email me to let me know your choice ASAP.

WALK/BIKE/BUS to SCHOOL MONTH: All of May is walk/bike/bus to school month to encourage "thinking green." If this is not possible for your child, they are encouraged to do something to take care of the Earth (recycling, composting, turning off lights, using both sides of the paper, saving water, etc.) so they can select the "heart" on the wall chart to participate in the event.

We could use some fresh pencils for the end of the year...our supply has been depleted. If you are able to send a 12-pack this week with your student we would so much appreciate it.

As always check out our classroom photos and upcoming calendar dates below. Please note that my email is at the end of this newsletter and contact me (not Claire Baker) with important daily emails.

Thank you for working with me to educate your child.

Happy Spring!

Mrs. Work

W.E.C.A.R.E. program is...

Educational and entertaining shows with hands-on instruction, teaching character traits



Celebrate the differences and commonalities of many cultures through the games people play.

Travel around the world and discover that smiles are the same in any language.

Equipment list- Flower Sticks, Diabolo (Chinese Yo Yo), Lariat, Pelele (Fling It Net), Peteca (Volleybird)

Dr. Seuss activities

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It's time to sign up to volunteer for the remainder of the year!

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Upcoming Events

  • May 20: Art Lit
  • May 24: Science Night
  • May 25: Field trip to Dischinger Orthodontics
  • May 26: Early Release, 1:20pm
  • May 25: All library books due
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL, Teacher Work Day
  • May 30: NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • June 2: Pauline Muse Volunteer Celebration at 9:30AM
  • June 2: Field Day K-2
  • June 3: Family Picnic, 6:30PM
  • June 6: Camp Skeeter begins in Room 22!
  • June 10: Last Day of School - Report Cards Go Home