What's Happening in Room 24?

Mrs. Theobald's 4th Grade Class - April 3, 2014

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Hi parents,

You and your children made my birthday so special last week! Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes and treats. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible families and students. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates (Add to your calendar!)

Spring Break - No School April 7th-11th

San Juan Capistrano Field Trip - Wednesday, April 30th

(Permission slips will be sent home when we return from the break!)

Skyline Open House - Thursday, May 1st

4th Grade Gold Rush Activities - Tuesday, May 27th (all day)

4th Grade Gold Rush Performance - Parents invited - Tuesday, May 27th 2-3pm

My reading class - Poetry In Our Own words: The kids paraphrased one of Maya Angelou's poems in their own words and added images to them this week to represent what the poem means. Then, they posted their work on a virtual bulletin board, called PADLET. Check out our work so far by clicking on the following link: You can click on each child's name to see their attachment. Enjoy!


We have some TALENTED GUEST WRITERS below to help fill you in on what we have been learning about these last few weeks. Check them out:

What Have We Been Learning About??

Social Studies

Guest Writer: Stella

Each and every one of us are adopting a mission in the state of California. We will research and find out as much information as possible about our mission. Once we have researched as much information as we could find, we put all of our new knowledge into a special project. We had a variety of choices of projects to do. Here are the choices: Choice 1 was to create a replica of your mission on minecraft. Then you take a video tour of your minecraft mission and tell all about it while you are walking around your mission. Choice 2 was to make a brochure about your chosen mission. Choice 3 was to write 5 diary entries of indians living at your mission. Make sure you include the daily life and your highlights in your entries! Choice 4 was to create the 22nd mission based on what your mission looks like. If you need help, you can visit your mission. Last choice was to make a thing link. A thing link is a thing online where you can make different links and when you roll over the link and information will pop-up. I know my description a little hard to understand so if you do not understand, you can visit: https://www.thinglink.com. After we picked a project and finish it, we will be sharing it with the class this week and the week we come back from break. As you can see, our class is having a very busy and fun week during social studies. Thanks for reading!

Our Wheel Classes!

Guest Writer: Madison

In music this week, we are trying to memorize songs for our Gold Rush Performance. One of them is "Oh California." We are also learning square dancing and practicing our steps. Let's catch up in science: we have done awesome experiments. For example, we did a fire experiment. We put baking soda, some sort of not so sugary sugar and we put in salt powder. We all really enjoyed it! In art class, well we've been working on clay in art and so far we have been learning how to mold and shape clay. The last time we had art, we were making bottles and we gave them to one of our family members or ourselves.

In computers we have been doing an indian project in class and Mrs. Shrader taught us how to take a picture from another site and then put it on to Scratch. We also learned more on different Indians or just got more research on them. We also get parties at the end of six weeks if we are quiet. We get points and at the end of six weeks if we have the most points out of Mrs. Kirsh's class we get a party!!! In PE we played street hockey and handball. We also did basketball and lined tag. That's all I can remember. See you next time!!!!

Suessical, the Musical

Guest Writer: Quin

Hi, I'm Quin and I'm going to tell you about the field trip our class went on last week. We went to the play called, "Suessical the Musical." It was actually the story of "Horton Hears a Who." It was a good play, and we had lots of fun walking to the theater. Some people liked the play, and some people did not. Our next field trip is to San Juan Capistrano. We are looking forward to going.


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