Derby Daily

Sept 7-11

The Week at a Glance:

Monday, Sept 7th: Hope you are BBQing and enjoying a well deserved rest from your labors! Happy Labor Day friends!

Tuesday, Sept. 8th: Remember your to dos! Schedules due to the office!

Guest Teacher Folder due today! Don’t forget to get to Rachel your indoor recess expectations and groupings!

Wednesday, Sept 9th: Fire Drill today!

Thursday, Sept 10th:

Friday, Sept 11th : 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly 2:30 in the Cafeteria

Upcoming Dragon Events:

Sept 15th First Faculty Meeting in the Media Center and Dr. Stiepleman will start us out at 3:45 p.m. -5:00

Sept 17th FSP Meeting 6:00 p.m.

Sept 17th Happy Constitution Day!

Sept 21st K-2 ELA Grade Level Team meeting at Aslin 3:45 Thank you Katie Sullivan for being our voice!

Sept 22nd 3-5 ELA Grade Level Team meeting at Aslin 3:45 Thank you Jill Walters for being our voice!

Sept 23rd Fall Picture Day! Smile for the Camera! Have you checked out the schedule

Sept 23rd Newsletter Submissions Due!

Sept 24th Tornado Drill

Sept 28th Teacher Collaboration Day! No Students!

October 2nd National Custodians’ Day! Thank you TEAM for all you do to keep DRE sparkling!

October 2nd K-2 Distinguished Dragon Assembly 2:30

October 5-9 Fire Prevention Week! How can we partner with our PIEs to celebrate all they do?

October 5th K-2 Math Leadership Team Meetings! Thank you Clarissa James for being our voice!

October 6th 3-5 Math Leadership Team Meetings! Thank you Laura Buddemeyer for being our voice!

October 7th BLT Meeting 3:40

October 9th 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly 2:30

October 12-16 National School Lunch Week

October 14th Compass Point Meetings 3:40 p.m.

October 15th FSP Meeting 6:00 p.m.

October 19-23 School Bus Safety Week

October 20th Faculty Meeting 3:40 p.m.

October 21st Missouri Day!

October 22nd Frank Kros Learning Opportunity! 4:00-5:30 AHL

October 22nd Modiied Lockdown Drill!

October 23rd Join us for FSP Bingo Night!

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week!

Cafeteria Excitement and Training!

We are going to be trying something new in the cafeteria and I think that it is going to be really awesome! I would like for all grade levels to attend training next week. I am having all cafeteria staff attend as well. Everyone will learn the system together and that means we are all on the same page.

Training times for next week:

Tuesday: Kindergarten 9:00-9:30

1st 9:30-10:00

Wednesday: 2nd 9:00-9:30

3rd 9:30-10:00

Thursday: 5th 9:20-9:50

4th 10:10-10:40

I hate to have you miss academic/core time, but I think that if we can get this under our belts, then it will be smooth sailing from now on! Thank you for all that you do!

Dragon Family Member In Need: We are having a Kitchen Shower, Wednesday, Sept 9th

Sadly, one of our Dragon family members needs our help! Last week Shayla White, DRE paraprofessional, mother's house burned down! We would love to have a kitchen shower for them as they work to rebuild. We will have a basket set up in the workroom! Please bring your donations of any type of item for the kitchen! Shower them with that Dragon Love! Thank you for your generosity!

Drops in the Bucket!

She is simply the BEST and she knows how to put on quite a celebration! Thanks Ms. Toni for an amazing birthday celebration!

Thank you BLT for your leadership! What an amazing 1st meeting as we established the mission of our team! Defined the roles and got 'er done all by 5:00 p.m.! Thanks for giving of your time and talent and for raising your voice!

Gooooo Team Title! Thanks for allowing me to be part of our "draft" with 1st grade! Thanks for coordinating the data and working to meet the needs of our struggling Dragons! It was something to watch as you made focused data decisions for our 1st grade learners! Thanks for allowing all voices at the table to be heard! Way to Synergize!

Can I get a whoop whoop! Thanks to Carissa Bowers and for your sharing the Sped news with their awesome newsletter! Thanks for keeping us informed to ensure all are working to empower our dragons!

A Tip of the Hat to our Grade Level Teams for our first Data Meetings! Thanks for the powerful discussions!

Shout out to Kristen Neuhour! Thanks for being an amazing liaison to our FSP! Thanks for keeping us informed and thanks for being our voice!

Speaking of Lending a Voice! Thank you Ms. Cowan for lending your voice to lead our Announcements in my absence! Way to Go!

Our We Are DRE wall is taking shape! Thanks Mrs. Mazzocco for your vision and for reaching new heights to make this wall that defines who we are!

First Compass Point Meeting: Sept 15th

Excited for our BLT team to have powerful discussions around our kick off Compass Point meetings! It was decided that we would have our first meeting as we come together as a school family for our faculty team meeting on Sept 15th. Dr. Stiepleman will be first on the agenda and then we will dig deep into the mission of each compass point! Please take a moment review to ensure I accurately recorded your role!

Student Leadership

Specials: John Venner

K: Elaine Strawn

1: Clarissa James

2: Rosalyn Cosby

3: Alyssa Wilkey

4: Lexie Darrough

5: Carlei Wies

Special Ed: Courtney N

Title: Sara Howes


Specials: Beth Hildahl

K: Latoya Crockett

1: Kristina Neurohr


3: Amy Jones

4: Taylor Cowan

5: Laura Ristau

Special Ed: Casey Mathes and Rebecca Rudder

Title: Amanda Young

Office: Rachel Mazzocco


Specials: Tricia Price

K: Kristi Schlegel

1: Katie Sullivan

2: Erin Smith

3: Kate Tobben

4: Laura Buddemeyer

5: Jill Walters

Special Ed: Jana Greer

Title: Julie Klein

Office: Kristi Shinn


Specials: Shayla Howell

K: Chelsea Cross

1: Allie Kirschner

2: Jessica Rudder

3: Jessica Ballard

4: Brent Wade

5: Josh Higgins

Special Ed: Brittany Watson

Title: Cindy Hutchinson

Walkin' at DRE

I will begin soon with our walkthroughs to leave you feedback on our DRE Mission and Vision. Below are just a few thoughts based upon our conversations--please provide me feedback on the " classroom look fors." I need your feedback as we craft what we hope we are seeing in the classroom? These are just MY THOUGHTS!! I need you to tell what what you are thinking and would like me to provide feedback on?? What do these categories look like--what is our building wide vision? it is my intention that we be able to examine the stats monthly as we work toward our goals! Let me know what you think.....we will continue to discuss as teams and as a school family!

Leadership: Empowering the student voice and presence in the classroom

Achievement: Instructional Strategies (WBT, Marzano); Learning Targets; Tracking Student Progress; Classroom goal setting; Technology integration; PLTW integration; use of data to inform instructional practices? Student engagement? Critical thinking? Problem Solving? Differentiated instruction? Higher Order Thinking?

Accountability: Behavior? Use of our Dragon language?

Community: Use of our Dragon Language? Team building/Community Strategies? Evidence of outreach of community? Real World connections?? Student/Teacher relationships? Student/Student relationships??

October 22nd Learning Opportunity with Poverty Specialist Frank Kros!

Learning Opportunity Ahead! Poverty learning specialist Frank Kros will be working with Administrators October 22nd and October 23rd! He is offering a workshop for teachers at Alpha Hart from 4:00-5:30 p.m. the evening of October 22nd on brain based instructional strategies! I would love to see representation from each grade level and area there! Please let me know if you are interested in this amazing learning opportunity!

September 28th Professional Development Info Coming Soon! Watch your email!

Watch your email for all the details surrounding our Teacher Collaboration Day on Sept 28th! As outlined at my Title Principals Meeting from 8-11 a.m. on Sept 28th you will sign up for workshops presented throughout the district on various topics including STAR Math, Mental Health, Best Practices, etc! You will sign up on PD Express!

11-12 lunch and travel time

12:00-4:00 we will gather with our DRE family to synergize and learn together as we continue to live our DRE mission!

Word on the Street is there are alternative plans taking shape for our Sped, Fine Arts, PE and Counseling friends! More info to Come on our Learning Adventures of the Day!

Raise the Roof!

Construction is putting our new roof on starting next week! This WILL EFFECT our DRE PARKING! They are placing barricades this afternoon closing off the area in the back parking lot next the trailer at the wood line. Thank you for your patience as we raise the roof!

Friday Saying.......

I have had a request for the words....

It's Friday (I say)

All righty! (you repeat)

It's Friday (I say)

All righty! (you repeat)

Be Boop A lou Boop the weekend's here! (All together)