Technology at Lineville

Nyssa Connett

Typing Web

1. Typing Web helps you increase your speed in typing and become better at typing

2. I use Typing Web to help me get faster and better at typing

3.There are many different types of levels

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck is a program to present Differnt things

2. You can present jobs, ideas, and projects

3. it is somewhat loe Google presentat


1. You get clips and picture to put input into a little commercial

2. Make a movie trailer for fun or you can make one for any class

3. Or you can make one for differnt advertisement

Career Locker

1. Career Locker shows you different jobs that you might be good at or you might be interested in.

2. You take tests to show what your interests are and what you are like

3. There are also many different things to do on there like looking at colleges and universities that you might want to go to.

Explain Everything

1. A program where you can draw and do stuff while showing someone.

2. Explain Everything is an app too so you can use it anywhere.

3. You can put pictures in and show people what you are thinking of.

Hour of Code

1. Hour of code shows you different codes to do different things.

2. You use it on the computer or an IPad but you need Wi-Fi

3. It has games for you to practice coding

Email Etiquette

1. It shows you proper ways to email a teacher.

2. You can pick different situations where you might have to email a teacher.

3. We learned that we need to use proper language and to be polite.