How To Make Flautas

By : Yesika Becerra & Gladys Castro 1pd

Materials For Flautas

1. Corn tortillas
2. Chicken breast
3. Cabbage
4. Powder cheese
5. Mayo
6. Oil

7. Sour Cream

8. Salsa

9. Salt

10. Onion

11. Water

12. Cooking pan

13. Measuring cup

14. Bowl


16.Cutting board


18. Skillets



1.You should always wash your hands before cooking anything.

2.Get All Necessary Materials Out.

3.You need to get the chicken breast and if it's frozen defrost it

4.When it defrosted then rinse the chicken

5.cut them into pieces (not too small) also it's best to cut off all the fat of the chicken

5.Get the pot and poor three cups of water and let it sit for five minutes

6.Then place the chicken and add a pinch of salt along half an onion

7.Let it boil on median and set the timer for forty- five minutes

8.After the forty-five minutes are done then place the chicken in a bowl for ten minutes to cool down

9.Then you need to shred the chicken

10.Next is to get the Corn tortillas and warm them up on a pan (until it's foldable)

11.Now you place the warm corn tortillas on a plate and spread the shredded chicken in the middle

12.After you place the chicken in the middle you roll the corn tortillas in the form of a roll taco

13.Place a pan on the stove and poor one third of oil for five minutes

14.Then after the five minutes are done you settle the rolled corn tortillas in the Skillets

15.Turn the rolled flautas until they are fried (don't burn them)

16.Then take them out and place them on a plate

17.Take the cabbage and rinse it in the colander

18.Slice them into pieces and place it into a bowl

19.Get the mayo and spread it on the flautas on top of one side

20.Then settle the sliced cabbage on top of the mayo of the flautas

21.Next sprinkle cottage grounded cheese on top

22.After that you poor some sour cream on

23.If you want to give it a kick of spice them add some salsa as well

24.Finally you get to enjoy your mouth watering delicious home made Mexican Flautas

Our experience:

Though out the whole process of our Mexican Flautas it took many step along with plenty of materials but the two of us both agree that it was worth it. Anyone can follow these steps and come out with our Flautas like shown in the pictures. Organization and patience is very useful to cook.One thing we could of changed is the ingredients ;we could of used beef or even potatoes instead chicken.