Parker Parent Library Volunteers



  • Respect and refrain from commenting on student checkout choices
  • Keep what students/patrons check out and their check out history private
  • Avoid discussing sensitive issues in library (lots of EARS everywhere)

Shelving FICTION

How to Video

Current Call Numbers Below:

Fantasy FIC HOR, Mystery FIC COB, Young Adult FIC PAR, Teen FIC OSB

Soon to be the following Fiction Call Numbers:


PROF FIC ALE (geared more toward Parents & Faculty/Staff)


  1. Sign on to computer (see librarian for password)
  2. Open Safari and click bookmark "Alexandria Circulation" or open Alexandria on dock (white diamond icon)
  3. Sign in username: volunteer password: thankyou
  4. Go to drop down box top left hand side
  5. Click on CHECK OUT
  6. Type in L and last name of student
  7. Choose correct student
  8. Scan Library Barcode or type in manually (not book's ISBN)
  9. Verify on screen it was checked out
  10. If any popups, discuss with student (ex: overdue books, can't go over limit, you may print a list of checkouts by clicking on Details under patron)
  11. Repeat scan if more than one book
  12. Remind student to return in THREE WEEKS or less

How to check IN books

***If not already signed in follow steps 1-4 above

  1. Click on BOOKDROP in drop down menu
  2. Scan library barcode
  3. Verify on screen it was checked in
  4. Be aware of any pop ups regarding holds
  5. Repeat scan if more items

Search for Books, DVD's, Ebooks in our LIBRARY CATALOGUE

Click "Researcher" and search by title, author or series

MS Students can check out up to THREE items for THREE weeks

US Students can check out up to FIVE items for THREE weeks

Able to renew if item not on hold for someone else

Replacement costs apply to ALL lost or damaged items.

Overdrive - Ebooks & Audiobooks

Click here to access from a computer

Or download free app on your device and follow these directions

**See librarian to set up an account

I forgot what happened in the last book?

If you are reading a great series and the next book has come out, click below to get a recap on what happened in the last book. ( Beware occasional sarcasm and foul language)

RECAPTAINS: saving books one series at a time.......