Older Adulthood

Social and Emotional Development Across the Lifespan

integrity vs. Despair is Erikson’s Theory of Development

Effect of life events

  • social relationships can help reduce depression, sadness or loneliness

  • relationships with friends can impact health positively

  • friends provide support and help when needed


  • is common among older adults

  • causes: work and family role change, physical abilities decrease, loss of family member or friends, loss of independence or control, finances, familiar and social interactions decreased or a side effect of medications


  • sometimes mandatory

  • This is a major financial decision

  • some people look foreword to this others are anxious about it.

  • reasons to extend working would be to stay active and social, financial benefits

After Retirement

  • Adults travel, take up hobbies, spend time with friends or family, get a part time job or volunteer.

Effect of morals

  • Morals are based on wisdom, tradition, or common ways of doing things

  • Morals might include spiritual and religious beliefs

  • The elderly care a lot about the well-being of others

Role of communication

  • To accept help and give advice to their adult children

  • generativity by passing stories knowledge and traditions to younger generations.

Role and level of nurturance

  • They receive nurturance from their adult children, or their spouse.

    • May choose to remarry once their first spouse has passed away.

    • In Marriage partners can experience life together

    • relationships between adult children and them change and they have to learn to accept their help

    • Women can be the matriarch- oldest women in the family

    • Men can be the patriarch- oldest man in the family

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Myths About Older Adults

  • Older adults are….

    • Rigid or inflexible

    • dont like new ideas or ways of doing things

    • crabby or impatient

Although they stay true to their temperament they mellow with age and are more accepting of differences . They are the carries of traditions and have wisdom or knowledge in practical issues.

Old People Are Awesome