English II Honors

February 8-12

Happy Valentines Day to my Awesome Students!

This week...

  • We will be completing Part I of 1984
  • We have a vocabulary test on UNIT 8 on Friday! Are you ready???
  • Next week is writing workshop - I will hand out your individual schedule on Friday. You will be going to different classrooms throughout the week during fourth period based on individual need. Come prepared!

Weekly Learning Goal

Students can identify source material from one author found in the work of another in order to analyze how authors interpret and transform themes, events, topics, etc. from source material.

Monday, February 8

Read Chapters 6-7 of 1984.

Discussion Questions for Chapter 5 are due today!

Tuesday, February 9

Do Now: Standard Review (Connotation/Denotation)

Review Chapters 5-7 of 1984 through roundtable chat.

Wednesday, February 10

Do Now: Vocabulary Practice

Read Chapter 8 of 1984 and complete the discussion questions

Thursday, February 11

Do Now: Standard Review (Connotation/Denotation)

PART I: Theme Chart Review

Friday, February 12

Test on 1984

When you are done - continue working on your theme charts. They are due today!

Review for writing workshop next week - make sure you get your individualized schedule from Ms. Baer!!!