Triceratop, He Will Be Missed!

Triceratop=Three Horned Face

Khant N. T-3


Lived 68 - 65 million years ago

During Cretaceous Period


Terry, the Triceratops, died the other day after fighting with another Triceratops, a T Rex and an Allosaurus. Triceratops means three horned face in Latin. They lived toward the end of the Cretaceous Period. He lived in North America. He had a huge head with the bony frill, which was about one-third of the entire length of the Terry’s body. Terry was 26 feet to 29.5 feet long and 9.5 feet to 9.8 feet high. He was very heavy at 12,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds, which was about 180 people weight. There were two type of Triceratops: one was T.horridus and T.prorsus. Sadly, he lived only about 65 millions years ago. He had more than one row of teeth for shearing. His mouth was like a beak for chopping plants. He had up to 800 teeth. He had so many teeth they had to fit in section called batteries. Also, he had two large horns about 3 feet long. Horns were for defending himself. Triceratops are the most commonly found dinosaurs bones in western North America. Some Scientists believe that Triceratops relate to today elephant.

Terry's Fossil

Terry's Memorial Celebration

Sunday, April 17th 2050 at 1am

Dino's Cafe

Come celebrate Terry' Life and Eat Tasty Fresh Plants!

Save TERRY! We Need Your Help To Save Terry!!!!!!


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