Jepson - Edinborough Tradition

Christmas Day - The Tradition

Every Christmas Day, we go over to my grandparents house. We go around 10 after all of us and other parts of the family finish their own christmas morning stuff. We have brunch and have christmas music and movies playing on the television. Soon after that we open stocking and presents, take photos and then relax and talk until everyone eventually leaves.

What I like about it?

My favorite part about this tradition would have to be when everyone finally shows up. Most of this family live in different parts of Kansas or are really busy so I don't get to see them that often or their children. So it is always really nice and a special treat to see them on Christmas Day.

Is it something I would do with my family later on in life?

Yes. It has been something that has been going on before my mother was ever born. I think it wouldn't be the same if I didn't continue doing this with my children. It is something I've always enjoyed growing up and I want t he same for my children.
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Tradition I would like to start with my own family

Something I would love to start with my family would be going to see Christmas light on Christmas Eve. Drive down to Potwin, or to the lake, to really popular festive areas. My kids would have hot chocolate to drink and enjoy while enjoying the lights and Christmas music in the car.

Why do I want to start this tradition?

It's something I did one time with my mom and never got to do again and I would love to have my kids enjoy it every single year so that they look forward to it and love it just as much as I did.

what would I include doing it?

Every Christmas Eve, drive my kids out and around to see pretty Christmas lights and displays while drinking hot chocolate and enjoying Christmas Music.
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