By Steve Vogrich

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Poem #1

Arms folded

Knees bent

Legs quivering

We got ready for the big game against Stevenson

Through the door

Into the gym

In the layup line

On the bench

In the game

Poem #2

I remember walking through the crowd

when the music was very loud

Listening to different musicians

lollapalooza was like a war of attrition

Growing tired is what we did

we looked at the map of the grid

Trying to find Kendrick Lamar's stage

and ended up getting to go backstage

Poem #3

We played FIFA, Dane and I, every day after basketball

yelling at each other

competing hard

talking smack

crying after a loss

celebrating after a win

Poem #4

When we first met

we immediately became close friends

to play basketball at the rec

to hang out at our houses

to go swimming at your pool

to go to your lake house

We created a close bond

Poem #5 Haiku

Outside your lake house

We watched the sunset with friends

And played cards inside


One of the fondest memories I have of us is when my family went up to your lake house. There is one part of that weekend that sticks out in my mind: tubing. Water splashing our faces, we tried not to fall off the tube. Your dad--a quiet man--surprised me by relentlessly trying to make us fall off. Laughing hysterically, I fell off the tube because of how competitive your dad had become. I had a ton of fun and I wished that we could have stayed up there longer. When we were done on the lake, we had a ton of fun playing board games in your house with our families. We stayed up until around 2:30 playing monopoly if I am remembering correctly.

This memory sticks out to me because we used to have so much fun and it’s sad now that you are in college. I hope that we will be able to do it again sometime this summer. I think I will remember this weekend for a very long time because it is when we became very close friends. We had always been close friends; after hanging out all weekend I think we both considered each other to be one of our best friends.

In the future, I can’t wait to hang out over the summer when you are back from college break. I’m sure we will go up to your lake house again and it will be a blast. I also hope to come visit you at Marquette with Tyler and Noah and maybe some other friends. We will have a blast, going to Marquette basketball games, and you can show us the rest of the college experience. When I leave for college I’m sure it will be more difficult to stay in touch, but I’m sure we’ll be able to text each other and snapchat occasionally. Also, we will be able to hang out over the summer have a blast playing FIFA and other things.