5 Themes of Austin

By: Ryan Tibari


This picture represents location of Austin on a map of Texas

Example of relative: northwest of Houston

Example of Absolute: The map above



Austin is in the heart of the hill country, this also contains things such as areas of San Antonio, Basdrop, La Grange, and more areas.Austin is close to San Antonio, being the closest major city in the area, Many Austinites commute to San Antonio for work.Austin is preserved as a very mellow, hippie like city, though this is somewhat true, Austin can be a routy city. Also many people think of Austin as a very active natural city.Formal characteristics of Austin consist of hilly areas such as lake travis, this is not very common in Texas, and more


Austin is the number one city for job growth in in the U.S. this attracts many people annualy. Also with Austin being the live music capitol of the world many people come to Austin for music festivals, such as South by Southwest, and Austin City Limits

Human Environmen Interaction

The prime example of people modifying the environment to making it better is damming a river, in Austin we have a large one, The Mansfield Dam.

Humans in Austin also have to adaptt to environment. For example, there is a really bad drought right now, so people can only water their lawn once a week.