freak the mighty

treat people with respect

tittle of book - 5 sentence

Freak was getting made fun of because he was different. Max was getting called killer kane because his dad was accused of killing his mom and he was in prison. Max was also made fun of because he was big and not very smart. Freak and Max were running around and acting like super heros and the other kids were making fun of them. Freak and Max wanted to be treated with respect even though they were different.

conflict and outcome - man vs nature

Max threw a manhole cover at one of the kids to defend Freak. He missed hitting the kid and the group of kids ran away. Max's dad was let out of prison and he went to where Freak lives and kidnapped Max. Max's dad took him to a hotel so they could hide because Max's dad was not supposed to be around Max. Freak came and saved Max, and Max's dad went back to prison. Freak died because his heart got too big for his body.

characters remarks and actions

Max's dad was sad after he got caught for kidnapping him and said he was sorry. The kids said mean things which made fun of Max and Freak. Freak told Max that in a particular spot there was a secret science lab and they were going to operate on Freak to make him normal. When Freak died Max went to the place where the lab was supposed to be and it was a laundry mat. Freak was smart and made science experiments.

contrasts between characters relates to the theme of the book

Freak is small and Max is big and they wanted people to stop picking on them. It was wrong for Max's dad to kidnap Max even though he did it because he loved him. When the group of kids made trouble Freak and Max would fix it. Freak's mom was very sad when she found out Freak was sick and was going to die. Freak and his mom moved in next door to Max.