CMS Avid Update

November 2015

This monthly newsletter is written by students in the 8th grade Avid class!!!

What's Going On On Avid This Month?

6th grade is currently working on Socratic Seminar. 7th grade is working on marking the text, taking Cornell Notes and completing quick writes over NEWSLA articles on current events. 8th grade is learning about the criteria of a speech and are currently working on their "Passion Speeches". All 3 grades have also been participating in team builders on Fridays.

Student Of The Month

Lanie Dzmura is a very hard worker and the other students have been looking to her for her leadership skills. She is a great addition to our Avid 7th grade class.

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WICOR Focus For December

ELA: Graphic Organizers

Electives: Socratic Seminar

Math: Marking The Text

Science: Critical Reading

Social Studies: Levels of Questioning


Mrs. Richmond

Mrs. Smith

Coach Vandendyck

Mrs. Morgan

Mr. Miller

Mrs. David

Mrs. Moy

Coach Lamb

Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Kreag

Mr. Morgan

Mrs. Alexander

Mrs. Gonzalez

Mrs. Guajardo

Mrs. Richie

Mrs. Boyse

Mrs. Norris

Ms. Moore

Colleyville Middle AVID Program

Coach Clary - Coordinator, 8th Grade

Mrs. Pavliska- 6th Grade Avid

Mrs. Adams- 7th Grade Avid

Mrs. Smith- 7th Grade Avid