Chore Master

The Easy Life by Mia Vitullo, p 6 Feb. 18

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History of the Company

This idea became a thing on 2,20,16 made by hand than went big. 95% of people use this stress free and have a sparkiling house.

About The Company

A teenager got sick of people saying CLEAN. Came up with a idea then sketched it out then made one by hand. Then it was everywhere and everyone wanted one

About the product....

Our product is called Chore Master! It is used for super heavy cleaning, or just for a touch up if you need it. Don't like to clean? This product is for you!! Our product is featured anywhere you can buy cleaning supplies.
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The Chore Master will only cost you $150, and everyday you can buy 1 and get 1 free!!!

You can buy in bulk, groups of 10 for $999! What a deal!!!


We guarantee our product. If you are not satisfied completely, you can return it for a full refund. If it breaks we will replace or repair for you!
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