Save the trees By Jack Taylor

Why I have chosen this topic

I chose this topic because deforestation is hitting saver level and more people need to know.


On the Graph it shows that 80% of deforestation is being done for farm land if we keep chopping down trees for farm land we will. Suffocate if we keep chop down trees at the rate we are doing it.
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Has you can see there has been a huge amount of deforestation Russia as lost most of there trees the same with Brazil if we keep going at this rate trees will be for the rich
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We have to viewpoints one of them is with Deforestation and the over it a gen-est Deforestation,

for the ones with Deforestation they think its good because the wood is used to make homes fences and tables,

But for the ones a gen-est it they think its bad because we are chopping the this the help us live.


Deforestation is clearing the forest on a huge scale we need to lower the use of wood if we want to still have trees.

We don't need to chop down the trees for paper any more because the world is going online. Deforestation if it get worse trees will cost lots even-tho we make our house out of wood we should start making them out of concrete.