Rae Carruth

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Moral of the Story

Rae Carruth was once a Carolina Panthers football player, who got his girlfriend pregnant. Moral of the story : He didn't want it!

Details of Crime

  • Carruth was set to spend 18 years and 11 moths in prison, which was the minimum of time he could serve. 24 years at the maximum.
  • Found not guilty of first degree murder, but found guilty of conspiracy, shooting into a vehicle and using a weapon with intentions to kill child before birth.
  • Happened on November 16th of 1999
  • Charles Lamm sentenced Carruth, and was a judge of the Supreme Court
  • It was reported that Rae showed no emotion, from Charlotte Observer
  • A hit-man was hired by Carruth to commit the crime
  • Carruth was following behind Adam's vehicle

Victim Details

  • Name was Cherica Adams
  • Had refused to give Carruth the abortion he wanted
  • mother's name was Saundra Adams
  • Had one sister, named Jajuana Moonie
  • Child's name was Chancellor Lee Adams


  • Cherica Adams didn't die right then and was able to tell them that Carruth had did it.

Biographical Events for Rae Carruth

  • Mother's name was Theodry Carruth
  • Had a sister named Samuel
  • Charles Wiggins was the father's name

Significant of Childhood Events

  • Participated in a multiple athletics, started at a young age
  • From football,basketball and track, he gained letters for Valley High
  • In his senior year, he was named All-American running back
  • GPA was raised from 2.01 his 10th grade year to an 3.13 his 12th grade year, after working so hard academically
  • Was recruited as a wide receiver and was admitted in 1992 by The University of Colorado
  • Seeked a double major in English and Education in college after continuing his great success
  • Started as a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers after being drafted in the 27th, the first round of the NFL Draft of 1997.

School Rae attended

  1. Valley High School
  2. The University of Coloardo
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  • Carruth is still alive and serving time in prison, Cherica has passed and the son Chancellor is still striving


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