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Do government regulation about DOT physicals have you concerned?

Is Your Job at Risk?

The truth of the matter is that in the very near future your health may exclude you from driving according to newly enforced government regulations.

Not only will we need to be healthier to qualify to drive, but if we are not healthy enough we may be required to go through additional tests that are costly and take time to complete. So if you are one of the many drivers who want to improve their health we have a few FREE services for you that can help you finally get healthy!

Our FREE Services!

If your goal is weight loss

There is an abundance of information on weight loss and dieting. Some good and some bad. There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from which only adds to the confusion and frustration of those who are searching for help. For those individuals tired of fad diets and who actually want a simple solution, we can help.

In any industry, the Best Tools GET the Best Results, and this applies to weight loss as well.

The most recent research indicates that support more than doubles successful weight loss for both the short and long term. For this purpose we assign a FREE personal Health Coach for one-on-one coaching and support to improve success. We also utilize a weight loss program that is backed by science, is very easy to follow while living life on the road, and has been studied extensively for its effectiveness and safety. Finally, we promise simplicity. No one will have to count calories, be asked to attend exercise boot camps, and there is no starving involved.

For more information on our coaching or to talk with one of our coaches click here.

If your goal is to maintain your health

For those that are already at a healthy weight or have a program that is already working, then we recommend participating in our FREE wellness classes. These weekly classes are full of healthy habits and tips that will help accomplish these goals. We cover many health topics, such as:

  • Eating for better health.
  • Implementing a simple exercise or activity plan.
  • Why sleep is critical for optimal weight and health.
  • How to quickly turn off your fat storage and turn on the fat burn.

Employees can either attend live or watch the recordings that will be sent to them each week. For more information on our program please click here.

Keeping you up to date - Sleep Apnea

We also provide education and updates regarding some of the new government regulations regarding medical cards and DOT physicals as well as the conditions that are specifically being targeted as "unsafe". Sleep apnea is one of those conditions, please view the video below for more information.

Sleep Apnea

What is involved?

There are no costs associated with our coaching. If you want to get your health under control or simply want to learn how to be more healthy on the road let us help!

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You can also call us or email us for a quicker response.