Tango originated amid European immigrants in Argentina and Uruguay. Usually, the song is played with multiple string instruments, including solo guitars, double bass, and violins. Some of it's influences include Polka, Flamenco, and Habanera. Tango music and dance was especially popular in the Golden Age, which took place in the years 1935-1952. At this point, tango music was performed by orchestras, and bands had over dozens of players in them. Directors of these orchestras were called "King of the Beat."
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Carlos Gardel, above is the symbol of Tango. Some say he's the equivalent to Marilyn Monroe

Tango today

Today, tango remains to be a popular kind of music. Tango is played at weddings, parties, and other festivals. The dance is also practiced at these events. Music experts predict that tango will live on for a long time.