by, Mia Hullinger

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Quote For The Book

"Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current." -Ava

About the book...

August Pullman is a fifth grader, who's going to school for the first time. And, the school he's going to is Beecher Prep School. But, Auggie's not like the other kids, his face has been deformed ever since he was born. Which has made Auggie uncomfortable over the years, because people have always given him weird looks. And, kids have been rude to Auggie because he looks so different than everyone else. Will Auggie be able to feel confident in the way he looks, and go to Beecher Prep with the help of his parents, and sister Via?

Extra Piece Of Information

Here is Via's quote to describe Auggie, "His eyes are about an inch below where the should be on his face, almost to halfway down his cheeks. They slant downward at an extreme angle, almost like diagonal slits that someone cut into his face, and the left one is noticeably lower than the right one. They bulge outward because his eye cavities are too shallow to accommodate him. He doesn't have eyebrows, or eyelashes. His nose is disproportionately big for his face, and kind of fleshy. His head is pinched in on the sides where the ears should be, and are deep creases running down both sides of his nose to mouth.
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Type Of Conflict: Man vs. Man

Pg. 266 "What happened to your face?" "Stop it Eddie!" said one of the girls, "I didn't know we were watching Lord of The Rings tonight!" he said "look it's Gollum."

This shows that even though kids picked on Auggie, he knew that they didn't know him. Only his face, and he knew if they really knew him, they would change their minds.


This story is about prejudice. Quote: "Beauty is only skin deep."