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Symptoms of cholera

80 percent of people infected do not develop symptoms but for the 20 percent that do they are very mild at most with symptoms like extreme dehydration

How cholera is spread

Cholera is spread through contaminated food and water so keeping clean water is a major key to preventing the spread.


Treatments are pretty , it can be treated with antibiotics and dehydration salts. Up to 80 percent of people can be treated fully and correctly. If everything is handled properly the death rate should stay below 1 percent

About cholera

If untreated Cholera can kill within hours s it is nothing to be taken lightly , although proper sanitation and observation of water is an easy way to prevent it if by some chance it gets through seek treatment immediately. It can impact both adults and children so people of all ages can be effected. In the 19th century with little knowledge of this disease it killed millions across the world.
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