Dreams By Langston Hughes

By: Lila Vang

T~ Title

I think the title will mean that the author will tell us about his dreams or about what someone else's dreams

P~ Paraphrase

The poem is about holding on to your dreams or they might not come back

C~ Connotation

Dreams- Positive

Die- Negative

Hold- Positive

Gone- Negative

Frozen- Negative

Broken- winged bird- Negative

A~ Attitude

I think the tone of the author is a little deep, warning kind of voice

S~ Shift

There is not a shift because throughout the poem the author is telling us the same things in the whole poem

T~ Title

I think that the title is telling us that your dreams are your imagination and that when you grow up you lose the imagination that you had when you were little

T~ Theme

I think the theme is that enjoy imagination for it will not last.