Sales Promotions

Jesse Mills

Premium Item Give-Aways

Premium Item Give-Aways: an item or discount offered with the purchase of another item.

Example: Get a copy of Madden 25 on Xbox or PS3 with a subscription to Sports Illustrated the Magazine.


A sweepstakes is a lottery in which winning tickets are selected at random.

Example: Buy a bottle of Coca Cola and enter the code inside the cap at for a chance to win a whole week of hanging out with Snoop Lion.


Contest- a race or other competition for a prize.


Bass Pro is giving away a free $100 gift card to the person who wins the best voted Outdoors picture uploaded to Bass Pro's website.


Sampling- a small amount of something that is offered to someone to try in order to get them to purchase the product.

Example: At Sam's, a little booth with an old woman running it offers pieces of steak on a toothpick to the shoppers to get them to buy the steaks.

Point of Purchase Display

Point of Purchase Display- the area of the store where the checkout registers are located that have small displays of items for sale right next to the line.

Example: Dick's Sporting Goods has many shelves located next to the checkout line with items of products that you can look out or buy while waiting in line.

Special Event

Special Event- The activity of designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit, (such as a sporting event, festival, or concert) to promote a product, cause, or organization.

Example: Coca- Cola has provided a part of a beach for people to come out and enjoy Coke while enjoying the beach.


Couponing- the practice of distributing discount coupons to consumers as a form of product promotion.

Example: The Mavs and On The Border have teamed up together to hand out coupons for free queso at on the border, and for the chance to win free Mavs tickets if you eat at On The Border.