For Sale - American Naturalization

For Anyone and Everyone, by way of the good ol' US of A

Key Words

alien - non-citizens that come to live the USA, so different reasons

immigrants - people who permanently move the USA

Come Now and Learn all learn about Naturalization!!!

Naturalization has THREE main steps. Naturalization is when someone wants to become a citizen of another country. In the United States it is called the legalization process. For example, if someone from Spain wanted to come and live in the United States, they would have to go through the naturalization process.
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Step One: Beginning the Process

The Declaration of Intent

When an alien comes to the USA, they must first sign a statement. The statement is called the Declaration of Intent. The intent essentially says that the alien has the intent to become a US citizen in the future. Then most aliens must live in the country for five years before starting the second step. During that time, future citizens will usually take classes to learn about the USA so that they can pass the test in step two.

Step Two: Interview and Examination


After someone files for citizenship, they must complete and interview. The interview is to make sure that the immigrant has all of the necessary requirements and is a good person, and won't be an issue for the country


After the interview, the alien will take a test. The test consists of basic english and writing. It also has parts about the history of the United States and about our constitution. Soon after a decision is made.

Step Three: Oath of Allegiance

Your are now a US citizen!!!!

After the exam and your application is granted, there is an allegiance ceremony. The alien must pledge their loyalty to their new country. They also pledge to obey the constitution and other laws. They then sign a document and become a US citizen