Pine Bridge Live

No snow but almost any other weather

1000 year Celibration of No Tourists Ruined by one greedy traveler

Breaking news! A traveler steps foot on our land walking on its hind legs. Only 2 creatures live that way, but none as big as this one. It arrived between Old Pineapple Beach and Spilled Milk. "It looks so funny and is carrying strange stuff" says local DaisyThrone. This may be the start of more of them coming, and our caring Queen Fairly might be over-thrown. Researchers have concluded that fairies and the thing that set foot on our land are related with some of their DNA. This has researchers scared that when our Queen comes back she will cope with the monster. History proves that that the same scenario happened with the Milkshakes. We have our trusty spies following this creature.

Eat at Milkshake River

Queen Farily Looks For Replacment

Queen Fairly goes to the Fairy Realm to look for a valid fairy daughter to adopt. She will one day take over as queen. When she find her she will have her DNA implanted in her daughter(WITH MAGIC). Farily may take a while to find the right one she will trust her gut. We will keep you updated on this story.

Historical Landmark Becoming Food For Stoneman

The Mr. Milkshake town is now becoming food for stone men. Stone men iconiclay got there name from looking like stone. Now there species craves the stone. Mr. Milkshakes were evil and we didn't want it to go to waste so this way we can uncover the fruitful land below.

Researchers Find A Watch In Diamond Volcano

Researchers find a watch in the Diamond Volcano. "We were looking for clues to our past in the Diamond Volcano, and this could be the greatest finding to discover how we got here, or who put us here," says researcher MaxiePetals. MaxiePetals says that she will find a creature with great enough powers to find invisable prints to unlock our past and know more about our future. No one seems to know the story of our creation.