Life as We Knew it


Plot summary

The plot of of Life as We Knew it is a survival based story that starts with a young girl as the main character, but soon follows a catastrophic event a asteroid hits the moon and this causes many disasters. As disaster strikes Miranda(Main character) faces many problems that she has to face with her family, her mom, her brother Jonny & Matt. Many of these problems include lack of food, lack of water, and sickness. During her experience throughout the story many things change with Miranda and her family, she is forced to take care of the family while they are sick with the flu, she is faced with feeding them and keeping them warm during a harsh winter where blizzards are frequent. But just as hope is lost she is saved by a miracle.


There are many themes in this story including to not take things for granted and family is important because you never know what iss going to happen so enjoy it while you can.


The setting of Life as We Knew it is based in a small suburban town in Pennsylvania, in present time. Another very important place in the story is Millers pond, and that is where Miranda is asked to prom by Dan, Miranda also go's there to swim to pass by the time in the hot summer.