The Texas Kiowa Indians

how they adapted

they adapted by using tepees the tepees do not take that long to unfold to flow the buffalo because they live of the buffalo because they use the buffalo for food Clothing and there housing which is the tepees its and they also adapted and they adapted by

Tigua compare Kiowa

Tigua they farm so they eat beans dried corn and squash and the Kiowa tribe eat buffalo and they live in tepees and the Tigua tribe live in adobe pueblos there government is that they have there own leader of there town. and the Kiowa tribe government is one chief. and the Tigua were very nice and the Kiowa tribe awas not as nice as they were they were very aggressive.


the language is called Tanoan or Kiowa Tanoan. and the clothing it madders if your a boy or girl and how old you are here some exmplas elk tooth blouse .