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Here at Olson Law Firm, we strive in specializing in civil court cases. We have won over 90% of our cases, of which we were either the plaintiff (representing the person/group filing a complaint) or the defendant (representing the person/group that has a complaint filed against them).

We have extensive experience in both mediation trials, which are a voluntary dispute resolution process, and arbitration trials, which consist of a neutral party hearing the case and passing judgment that is similar to a court order.

Plaintiff Cases

Below is all of the pertinent information about civil court cases:

To initiate a civil case, the plaintiff must file a complaint against a party, known as the defendant throughout the trial.

A summons is delivered to the defendant informing them of the complaint filed against them.

The lawyers for both sides then hold a pretrial conference to discuss the terms and differences between the two sides of the case.

During the trial, both sides submit their pleadings, or what they have to say about the case, to the judge/arbitrator/mediator.

For the case to continue, the plaintiff must present a preponderance of evidence to the court, which states the evidence behind their complaint against the defendant.

Depending on who is presiding over the case, the verdict can come from one person or a jury. A verdict handed down by a single person is much more common. They rule either in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant.

The losing party of the case can always appeal to a higher court if they feel their trial was unfair, which allows the case to be reviewed by a different set of eyes.