February 2018

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You may only be one drop in the world, but even the smallest drop starts a ripple.


This month's Dreamer is Andrew Tack!

I am Andrew James Tack, I attend DREAM Technical Academy (hopefully why you are reading this.) I just started to attend DREAM this year and I’m loving it. I used to attend a traditional school and that school for me was too slow and negative for me. At my old school they taught things without showing how they interacted in the real world, but at DREAM I have a much better and easier time seeing that. I have always had an interest in coding and computers and I’ve never been able to have the opportunities that I have had so far at DREAM. Since DREAM is project based, I am able to work on computers EVERYDAY and I will get the same high school diploma that anyone else at a traditional school, so I am able to do all my projects on computers and get all the credits I need to graduate. Thanks for reading the DREAM Drop!


Why are people addicted to their phones? - Ashley H

In this project, I actually learned a lot. The main 3 reasons I learned that people become so addicted to their phones are:

1. In a sense, it's an extended version of ourselves. We become attached to things, for example, when we are children we become attached to teddy bears; blankets etc. and if you as a child were to lose one of those things, it would lead to a great deal of stress and a sense of lose of yourself. This is why, it is so hard to let go of our phones, we become attached and become stressed when we lose our phones, like how children do with toys.

2. Holding phones and getting likes or comments on photos or posts can lead to a release of dopamine in the brain, which in a sense is a "high". We become addicted to our phones like how someone else could become addicted to drugs, etc.

3. As humans we have needs to produce and reproduce (better or differ ourselves), and phones help us do that. We can manipulate how our lives or ourselves look by editing photos, selfies, and choosing which side of yourself you show over social media.

Those are the main 3 but there are many others I had read about that I could talk about, but I like to keep these kind of short and sweet. I really enjoyed doing this project, and learning/ realizing why some people I know, including myself, can become so dependent on our handheld technology.

Question of the week | Natural Medicinal Plants - Jonathan M

In this project, I learned the different healing properties of different plants from the different flowers in the wilderness and the different types of trees about almost every plant and tree has a healing property. But with every plant, it has different side effects when taken to either treat internal problems or relieves external problems such as insect bite/stings, muscle pain, headaches or for the common cold whatever problem it is that you want to hopefully get resolved. But still be mindful that some can cause minor or fatal problems when using a plant to relieve pain some side effects can cause intestinal problems, inflammation of the skin, hallucinations, convulsions and more the list just goes on with side effects. When taking natural medicinal plants you would need to be very careful and to make sure you take the right amount of the plant or else too much can cause serious damage to your body.

Yoga & Restorative Practices

This seminar focuses on health and wellness using the restorative practices of yoga and mindfulness. The seminar meets one time per week on Wednesday mornings and includes a restorative circle as well as guided yoga and meditation. Different wellness topics are introduced each week for contemplation, discussion, and practice. Topic examples include: gratitude, journaling, movement, mindfulness, meditation, sleep practices, managing anxiety and stress, and more! Two DREAM staff lead this seminar and the students have shown great interest and enthusiasm; they have even requested that it continue to the end of the school year!

Writing a song - Misael R

What I learned from this project is that how long it takes to write a song. You need to know what you feel and what emotions you wanna put into the song, but what I disliked about the project was the brainstorming and the idea deciding on what was good and what lyrics fit with the tempo of the song and the way I was supposed to singing also along with the tempo of the song.

The hardest part was the lyrics because you don't just wanna put out some words and call it good you gotta know what the few lines actually mean to you and what it might mean to the listener. You need to play with your words make it seem different to the listener and let them come up with there own idea but behind it you know what it means cause you are the one who wrote it.

What I loved about this whole project was me being able to do what I love doing most and being able to finally make a new song for myself and the band because there is two versions of this song, the ukulele version and the whole band that me and Dakota are making by far this is my favorite project I've done.


Key Club is a large student organization within DREAM, so we want to provide updates on its happenings. Update courtesy of Amy, Key Club Editor.

Key Club will be holding a Pennies for Patients contest this upcoming March! Winners will get a prize. We have two more slots for performances on Fine Arts Night! Talk to Amy Haney or Matti Johnson if you want to perform! Next Wednesday we are selling pizza again! Hattie will be talking to students about what kinds of pizza they want.

Our Key Club will be voting on board members on March 1st, so now is the perfect time to join while we prepare for our next year!



DREAM has graduates out in the world in various locations, so we want to highlight some of them!

My name is Darla and I am currently a full-time student at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. I am extremely grateful for the unique learning opportunities that DREAM offered and for the faculty and staff that was there to assist me with my educational growth. One of the most influential things I learned from them was the importance of being present in my learning and that I should never be satisfied with simply being taught during a class or reading a textbook, yes both of these are vitally important, but it is also important to take the things you might learn from teachers or other student and use them into your life. One of my favorite projects at DREAM gave me the opportunity to do exactly that. To explore a topic more in-depth and find out what exactly its real-world applications were. This project was my senior project. I was able to learn about the importance of learning about your families ancestry and why people take time to search for it.


Parents/guardians please send your input our way; we want parents/guardians to be as involved as possible.

DREAM Technical Academy has a School Advisory Council that meets once a month on the second Monday evening at 6:30pm at the school. Their mission is to provide guidance and direction for the school. The Advisory Council consists of 50% of DREAM staff and 50% of DREAM parents, community members, and a student. Our parent representatives can bring your input to the Advisory Council or direct it specifically to a staff member.





Hello I am Vanessa and I am one of the para’s at Dream. I came to Dream last spring. I live in Spicer with my husband, and two boys. I am a self professed water nut! If you are wondering where I am at, you might want to check the lake first. I enjoy watching sports and have been amazed at all of the project ideas that I have noticed watching the Olympics. If I could do a project, I would look into the physics of figure skating.


In this section, we ask for supplies and/or volunteers for various projects & events. Please contact us or drop-off items if you are able to assist.

  • Kleenex
  • Food items (peanut butter, cereal, soup, etc.)

  • Mentors (help students work on projects, experience, etc.)


“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” ~ Malala Yousafzai