The Great Amazon

kendra f. prd:7

Birds flying above the trees and animals running. Its the amazon.

The amazon has a verity of birds, from birds we see here to birds we only see on T.V. The amazon is home to many animals that we don't see here in the U.S like the anaconda. The amazon is a cool place because of its wild life.

The average temp there is 80. It gets 9 feet of rain pre year here we only get like 2 to 5 inches per year that is a big difference.

There are some animals there that are endangered. They are killed each year. The amazon is 2 million miles long.

In the early time the Spanish explored the amazon and there animals. They founded the amazon they found animals and made names for the animal that was hundreds of years ago. The amazon has been around for a long time. The information I found that I can learn from is that the amazon is a big and wonderful place for all sorts of animals and that there is research going on about it.


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