Bring Your Own Device

To a classroom near you

Join in on the fun and bring your own personal device to class

Bringing your own device to school is a fun and new experience. You will have the option to bring your own personal device to help you learn and complete curriculum outcomes.

** If you don't have one you can borrow from the school**

Educate, have fun and be a digital citizen

You are responsible to maintain a professional etiquette, use your device for classroom work only, be respectful of other devices, challenge yourself and work hard! Any inappropriate use of your device of the device of others will have your privileges taken from you!

Guaranteed to challange and enhance your learning

Your Device, Your Responsibility

Although bringing your own device to school is very exciting it also has A LOT of responsibility with it. You are not only responsible to ensure your device is being used for learning, you are also responsible for where your device is and to ensure it makes it from home to school when needed.

We are in this together

Let's work as a team to make this a successful, engaging and challenging learning environment!