FSC Principal's Update

February 11, 2022

Finneytown Families,

Thanks to all of you who came to conferences this week! For those who didn't, it isn't too late. We have conferences next Thursday from 4-7:30. If you do not have the link, it is on the website or you can reach out to Lisa Turner to schedule an appointment. We would love to see everyone! Also, thanks to PTA for the pizza and goodies. You guys know how to take care of us for sure:-)

I can't wait for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Hopefully the Bengals bring home a winner. Enjoy the game and then rest up the next day.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Carol Miller



Staff Spotlight (Stefanie Kennedy)

Hey Finneytown!

My name is Stefanie Kennedy and I have been teaching at Finneytown for the past 8 years. I am the Orchestra Director, and for the last three years have also been the Choir Director. I love working with our students and making music every day. It has been amazing to watch the kids and program grow through the time that I've been at Finneytown. I love getting to know our students and talking with them, and I love seeing them grow as people and musicians from when they start playing their instruments in 5th grade to when they reach high school.

When I'm not at school, my husband Mike and I train our dogs for competitive obedience competitions--our Golden Retriever Ember knows and responds to over 50 words. My first instrument was the flute, and I still practice both flute and violin at home, play video games, and read. That said, our three kids keep us busy and it's rare for me to have the time to finish a book! Our family stays active and likes to go to the park, walks a lot, and likes to watch movies together. Feel free to stop by room 120 and say "hi" anytime!

Testing Letter

Middle School

PTA Conference Food Sign Up Links

Testing Letter

High School

Dates to Remember

2/11/22- Boys HS Bball (4:30/6/7:30)

2/14/22- No School (Calamity Day); FMPA (7:00)

2/15/22- PTA (7:00)

2/17/22- Parent/Teacher Conferences (4-7:30)

2/18/22- No School (Conference Release Day)

2/19/22- HS Wrestling (10:00)

2/21/22- No School (Presidents Day)


Heather Howard had to request additional slots for our blood drive because all of them were filled!!

Band Members of the Week:

6th grade: Geremy Holloway

7th grade: Mariah Anderson

8th grade: Ethan Duling

High School: Deneil Lindsay

Counseling Update

  • CCP intent forms due April 1: All students planning to participate in CCP during the 2022-2023 school year need to complete the CCP Intent Form by April 1, available on our website.

  • High school 2022-2023 school year scheduling: Counselors will be meeting with students throughout February to help them select their course requests for the 2022-2023 school year. Resources can be found on our website by going to class information and selecting the student’s current grade level. Students must complete their Google Form before meeting with their counselor!

  • ACT update: All Finneytown juniors will be taking the ACT on Wednesday, March 2nd. Students have automatically been signed up. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.