Morning Notes

Monday 10 February

Flu season is upon us. Please be sure to wash your hands properly!
Thank you Grade 9 for a fantastic lunch last Friday!
Due to health and safety students are no longer allowed to play 'tag' in the hall during break. If you are feeling active please feel free to join the table tennis or football games. Thank you from Mr. Hedger.

C&S Project - Valentines Day

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of February Valentines Day cards will be sold in the hub. They will be £1.00 each and will be delivered during advisory on the 13th. Each card will come with a piece of candy! All of the proceeds go to Heart Research UK. Happy valentines day!
After School Dance Club

If you are interested in after school dance club each Wednesday from 4-5pm after half term please see Mr. Byrne by Friday this week.

The cost will be £10/session.

The sessions will take place in Stern Hall.

Lost and Found

If you have lost anything during the school day, please check our lost and found collection in the school office (1st floor) or with Emily at reception.

Items in the Lost and found:

1 PE jumper.

1 multicoloured pencil case with flower stitching,

1 green and white checked shirt,

1 grey t-shirt with washed out writing,

1 iPhone 5 charger adaptor.

Have a great week!