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The two managers at Fusion Luxury Motors have nearly fifty years of combined experience in the car industry. Fusion Luxury Motors' managers have seen all the ins and outs of the automobile industry, and understand what it takes for Fusion Luxury Motors to be a buyer's final destination. Fusion Luxury Motors' experienced staff draws from its extensive experience on the sales floor and under the hood to provide comprehensive knowledge to their buyers about high end automobiles.

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Fusion Luxury Motors does not settle for run-of-the-mill. From their showroom to their custom-built buying process, Fusion Luxury Motors strives to put forth a high-performance product. Fusion Luxury Motors treats their inventory the same way. There are no Yugos in the Fusion Luxury Motors showroom. Whether it is power or handling the buyer craves, Fusion Luxury Motors provides top of the line experiences and vehicles to satisfy every buyer's motorized hunger.

Fusion Luxury Motors: The Value of Test Drives

Fusion Luxury Motors is an admired exotic and classic car dealership in Los Angeles that is perhaps most respected for its high standard of customer service. This focus on providing exemplary customer service has led Fusion Luxury Motors to offer a number of wonderful opportunities for their customers, including customized vehicle sourcing and test drives.

When purchasing a classic car, it is crucial to have an adequate test drive, according to Fusion Luxury Motors. Especially you are considering purchasing an unusual car that is already quite old, make sure that you get to thoroughly test it out. There are many things that could go wrong, so you want to make sure that you identify any potential problems before you put your money down.

In order to give their customers peace of mind, Fusion Luxury Motors allows customers to try out their cars for extensive periods of time. Sometimes the only way to be sure that you are ready to purchase one of these expensive vehicles is to spend a few hours behind the wheel. Fusion Luxury Motors is happy to let potential customers test drive their options.

If you are in the process of purchasing an exotic or vintage car, work with a dealer that readily allows you to test drive the car. Dealerships that don’t allow you a decent test drive may be trying to hide something. Once you’re on the test drive, don’t be afraid to really drive the car and get a feel of it. Here are some things to watch out for:

- Any rattles or creaks that can’t be explained. You want to make sure that you’ll be safe on the road.

A salesman who doesn’t want you to take a test drive. If the dealership doesn’t let you drive the car, you can’t ascertain that there are no major problems.

Fusion Luxury Motors on Maserati Monthly

Although Fusion Luxury Motors is a respected name in Los Angeles’s classic and exotic car industry, the dealership still understands the importance of strengthening relationships within the industry. One way that Fusion Luxury Motors stays connected with the industry is by subscribing to Maserati Monthly. The renowned carmakers’ monthly publication is the ultimate source of information on Maseratis.

What’s Inside

Fusion Luxury Motors often recommends Maserati Monthly to their customers who purchase a Maserati. Each month, the publication offers tips on care for your car so that it stays in tip-top shape. In addition, the magazine provides in-depth looks at the latest makes and models. For a high-end car dealership, Fusion Luxury Motors believes that this type of information is crucial.

The publication also provides subscribers with news related to Maserati. For instance, it might include a story on a race-car driver who drives a Maserati or a researcher who has helped affect a technological advancement for the company. Although these types of stories may not be directly beneficial to Fusion Luxury Motors, the owners are in fact devoted exotic car fans, so they are fascinated to learn more about this impressive company each month.

Keeping Current

If you own a classic or exotic care, Fusion Luxury Motors highly recommends subscribing to any regular publications that are available from the carmaker. Whether you drive a McLaren or a BMW, the information found in these publications can be extremely valuable to you. By keeping up with Maserati’s monthly magazine, you will receive regular insight into how best to maintain your high quality vehicle.

In addition, these types of publications will help you to prepare for your next purchase of an exotic or vintage car. Fusion Luxury Motors can provide you with a wide selection and knowledgeable salesmen, but you will be better equipped to make the ultimate decision about which car to purchase if you conduct extensive research beforehand.

Fusion Luxury Motors on the Significance of Social Media

As social media has gained more and more prominence thanks to the growth of mobile devices, Fusion Luxury Motors has recognized the importance of connecting with their clients through social media. If you’re running a business, Fusion Luxury Motors recommends creating an engaging social media presence so that you can develop a constant connection with your client base.

Getting Started

Fusion Luxury Motors first established a social media presence on Facebook. With so many users, Facebook is the ultimate source of social media connection. In order to begin building a steady following, Fusion Luxury Motors developed a strategy of posting glamorous photos of the types of cars that they sell.

Since the owners of Fusion Luxury Motors are classic car enthusiasts themselves, they understand what kinds of photos would attract their ideal clients. The dealership’s Facebook profile is full of high quality shots of Ferraris, BMW’s, and striking pictures of events. These photos are attractive to classic car devotees, but they also present a clear idea of what Fusion Luxury Motors is all about.

However, Fusion Luxury Motors did not just stick to Facebook. In order to gain more expansive social media exposure Fusion Luxury Motors keeps up a thriving page full of videos on YouTube. Fusion Luxury Motors chose YouTube because the video format allows the dealership to portray the beauty of their products.

Tips for Social Media Success

Establishing a useful social media presence is challenging. Fusion Luxury Motors offers the following tips:

- Keep your pages current – clients want to see up-to-date information.

- Post frequently in order to facilitate interaction with your potential clients.

- Incorporate several different types of social media into your campaign – most businesses should maintain active pages on 3 or 4 social media sites.
Provide useful customer service through social media so that your potential clients can see how much you really care about supporting their needs.

Membership With the Ferrari Club of America: Fusion Luxury Motors

As a respected dealer of vintage and exotic cars in the Los Angeles area, Fusion Luxury Motors naturally maintains a membership with the Ferrari Club of America. As a part of the Southwest Region section of this exclusive group, Fusion Luxury Motors is able to connect with other industry professionals.

Are you considering joining the Ferrari Club of America? Fusion Luxury Motors has experienced many advantages from its membership with the Ferrari Club of America. Here are three of the top reasons to join this exciting group of Ferrari enthusiasts:

  1. Social activities. Fusion Luxury Motors has found that the Ferrari Club of America hosts exciting events throughout the year. These social events allow you to connect with other Ferrari devotees in your area. Depending on the region, the club organizes wildly diverse activities, from go-carting to dinner parties.
  2. Track events. If you’ve long dreamed of a safe environment where you can test the limits of your Ferrari, Fusion Luxury Motors recommends attending one of the club’s track events. At this type of event, you can practice driving your car at top speeds. In addition, the Ferrari Club of America provides instructors who can help you to hone your skills.
  3. The quarterly magazine. Fusion Luxury Motors has long received the club’s quarterly magazine. This publication allows you to stay connected to all of the opportunities provided by the club. The magazine is tailored to your region so that you receive relevant information. In addition, the magazine contains information about new Ferrari cars and products accompanied by stunning photographs.

The Ferrari Club of America helps Fusion Luxury Motors to stay current and attuned to all of the latest news from the carmaker. In order to stay on top of the exotic and classic car industry, Fusion Luxury Motors also recommends a subscription to Maserati Monthly.

Fusion Luxury Motors: Exotic Automobile Dealership in California

People across the country are drawn to a good looking car. The preferences people have about cars greatly varies. Some practical people just want a car to get from point A to point B; other people want to show their affluence with a good looking, luxurious car. Undoubtedly, ultra-luxurious cars draw attention to themselves and Fusion Luxury Motors wants to supply people with the luxury car of their dreams.

Fusion Luxury Motors is located in Los Angeles, California. Because California is a state people often look to for career opportunities, there are many people moving up the corporate ladder in California. What better way to show off how well you are doing than with an exotic and luxurious car? Because California has such a big market for luxurious car seekers, Fusion Luxury Motors knew their car dealership would do well.

California is a large state, but one of the most recognizable cities is Los Angeles. Fusion Luxury Motors set up shop in the northern part of Los Angeles, in a city called Chatsworth. It wasn’t too long before Fusion Luxury Motors started to see a boost and steady flow of business. The perks of Fusion Luxury Motors’ location in North Los Angeles is undeniable. There are many wealthy businesspeople in North Los Angeles who are looking for an ultra-luxurious car.

Other than location, Fusion Luxury Motors’ growth in business is due to their excellent customer service and years of experience. Fusion Luxury Motors has staff members who are knowledgeable about the brands of cars they buy and sell. As an additional benefit to using Fusion Luxury Motors, if a customer wants to find a specific car, the staff at Fusion Luxury Motors goes on a nationwide search to track down the make and model. Fusion Luxury Motors is dedicated to pleasing clients.

Fusion Luxury Motors Builds Lasting Relationships

There are a number of dealerships across the country that fight to retain old customers and attract new customers. Located in North Los Angeles, Fusion Luxury Motors works hard to do the very same thing. Fusion Luxury Motors works to keep all previous customers by meeting and surpassing their expectations. With a reputation for great customer service and thorough knowledge about the products they sell, Fusion Luxury Motors has had many past customers return to sell their ultra-luxury cars and purchase new ones.

Fusion Luxury Motors knows the heart of their business is in maintaining long-lasting customer relationships. When customers walk into Fusion Luxury Motors, they won’t feel the pressure of a sale. Fusion Luxury Motors does not pressure customers to buy a car and then see them off to await the next customer; instead, customers who walk into Fusion Luxury Motors are treated as old friends. They aren’t even pressured to talk about cars – Fusion Luxury Motors welcomes customers to drop by at any time, for any reason.

Fusion Luxury Motors wants to take the pressure out of buying a car and make it an enjoyable experience. After all, Fusion Luxury Motors is all about selling vehicles their customers will enjoy. Fusion Luxury Motors sells a range of ultra-luxury cars. The business keeps an online inventory that customers can watch. If a car comes in and a customer is interested, they can call or visit Fusion Luxury Motors. Through the website, customers can also see which cars Fusion Luxury Motors has sold.

Fusion Luxury Motors emphasizes contemporary, ultra-exotic, and vintage cars. If a customer comes in looking for a luxury or vintage car, Fusion Luxury Motors wants them to feel comfortable taking their time. Fusion Luxury Motors has already built a clientele of faithful customers. These customers have returned to Fusion Luxury Motors repeatedly because of their no-pressure sales policies and terrific customer service.

Fusion Luxury Motors Stresses Confidence and Trust

When you hear people talk about dealerships, you typically hear about the stock of vehicles, the pushy staff, and the distrust people have in what sales representatives tell them. Visiting a dealership can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a tedious affair. Fusion Luxury Motors hopes to stand apart from other dealerships. Fusion Luxury Motors wants to be a dealership people can feel confident while they visit. Fusion Luxury Motors wants customers to walk away with a positive experience. This is what has helped Fusion Luxury Motors build such a strong customer-dealer relationship.

Fusion Luxury Motors wants their customers to have both confidence and trust in the business. As a business, Fusion Luxury Motors is unique. The dealership is located in North Los Angeles. The dealership sells ultra-luxury cars as well as vintage and classic cars. Fusion Luxury Motors inventory changes as they purchase and sell inventory. The dealership buys and sells a number of car brands. Fusion Luxury Motors has bought and sold Porsches, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes-Benzes, Mustangs, and more.

Fusion Luxury Motors strives to make the exiting and purchasing process as easy as possible. When it comes to the sales process, Fusion Luxury Motors wants the experience to be as painless as possible. Easing the transition builds confidence and trust in Fusion Luxury Motors’ customers. Fusion Luxury Motors can even help customers find a car or product they are looking for if Fusion Luxury Motors does not have the inventory at the time. With relationships within the luxury and vintage car industry, Fusion Luxury Motors can help locate the vehicle their customers and clients seek. Fusion Luxury Motors then inspects the cars to make sure their clients are getting a quality car. Fusion Luxury Motors wants all of their customer relationships to be long lasting. The business does this by building trust and confidence in every sales/purchase transaction.

Fusion Luxury Motors and YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social networking tools. Nearly everything can be found on YouTube. Fusion Luxury Motors has also realized the value of YouTube. Now, Fusion Luxury Motors links products they have in inventory to YouTube videos.

If you visit the Fusion Luxury Motors website and click on the media link, you are able to click on a video related to a garage lift. The garage lift hides and protects luxury cars. The videos connected to Fusion Luxury Motors are not limited to that one video. When a customer is interested in Fusion Luxury Motors or a car they sell, they can explore any number of videos on YouTube.

Many of the YouTube videos posted by Fusion Luxury Motors average less than two minutes. The videos often feature the cars Fusion Luxury Motors have in inventory. If Fusion Luxury Motors purchases a Ferrari, they will upload a video about the Ferrari in order to provide potential customers with information about the vehicle.

Fusion Luxury Motors is very skilled in their sales method. While many dealerships try to reach out to their local area through television commercials or printed ads, Fusion Luxury Motors reaches out to people on a national scale. Fusion Luxury Motors is truly a unique dealership. In California, there are many potential customers waiting to buy a new or used luxury car. Fusion Luxury Motors makes choosing their dealership easy by featuring, in detail, each car they have.

Fusion Luxury Motors sells a variety of used ultra-luxury and vintage cars. Fusion Luxury Motors’ inventory is always changing. When Fusion Luxury Motors purchases a car, they add it to their online inventory. When a car sells, they put a watermark over the inventory picture. This helps customers see which products have sold, which are still available, and what types of cars are in stock.

Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth, California

California is known for great career prospects and for luxurious lifestyles. Many millionaires live in California and are not afraid to show off their success by indulging in ultra-luxurious cars. For those who do not want to purchase a brand new luxury car because of potential value depreciation, Fusion Luxury Motors is a great source for purchasing used ultra-luxury cars.

Fusion Luxury Motors serves North Los Angeles in California, in the neighborhood of Chatsworth. From this area, Fusion Luxury Motors can reach out to any customers in Los Angeles, or to customers anywhere else in California. Many out-of-town customers have driven to Fusion Luxury Motors to pick up their luxury or vintage cars.

The majority of Fusion Luxury Motors’ customers are from Los Angeles or the surrounding areas. However, in some instances, Fusion Luxury Motors has customers who come from out of state. This is because Fusion Luxury Motors is a very unique dealership and is unique among dealerships on the West Coast. Fusion Luxury Motors buys and sells luxury cars and protects sellers with anonymity.

Fusion Luxury Motors is also unique because, as a seller of used ultra luxury and vintage cars, Fusion Luxury Motors puts each car they buy on their online inventory. A video featuring the car and its specifics is uploaded to YouTube, so potential buyers can get a look at the car online before visiting the lot.

Fusion Luxury Motors does more than connect customers to what they have in stock. If a customer comes to Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth looking for a unique or hard-to-find car, the staff works to locate that car for their customers. Fusion Luxury Motors tracks down unique or hard-to-locate cars through their network of relationships with ultra-luxury car dealers and vintage or classic car dealers. Fusion Luxury Motors in Los Angeles wants to help every customer find what they want.

Website and Internet Used by Fusion Luxury Motors to Advertise

Individuals and businesses alike have benefited from the usefulness of the internet. For individuals, people can connect with friends over social networking sites, apply for jobs, and look up next to everything. For businesses like Fusion Luxury Motors, businesses can advertise their business, services, and products. As a tool, the internet makes it easy for Fusion Luxury Motors to reach out to potential customers across the country.

Fusion Luxury Motors created a website to inform customers about their business. The website created by Fusion Luxury Motors has a brief section that permits people to read about the background of the company, including the individuals who staff the business. The website also links to media and service information.

Fusion Luxury Motors has not been shy about jumping aboard the social media outlet YouTube. As a dealership, Fusion Luxury Motors is unique. They purchase and sell used ultra-luxury cars and update their online inventory with each sale or purchase. When Fusion Luxury Motors purchases a new ultra-luxury automobile, they make a new video about the car and upload it to YouTube. This allows viewers to see the vehicle and its features before calling or visiting the dealership.

Fusion Luxury Motors has embraced the benefits of using the internet. Because the dealership’s inventory is always changing, customers can see which vehicles are available for sale and which vehicles have sold. Fusion Luxury Motors can also help customers locate vehicles. If a customer comes to Fusion Luxury Motors seeking a rare vehicle, the staff will work hard to find it. Fusion Luxury Motors accomplishes this by using their network of ultra-luxury automobile dealers and vintage car dealers. So whether you live in California or not, you can check out the online inventory of Fusion Luxury Motors to determine whether they have the perfect car for you.

Excellent and Friendly Fusion Luxury Motors Staff

Quality customer service has become commonplace when it comes to reaching out to customers and clients. Fusion Luxury Motors stands out because it goes beyond customer service – the business guarantees personal attention. When customers contact Fusion Luxury Motors about selling and purchasing an ultra-luxury car, they are greeted in a calm manner, and without the pressure found in many other dealerships.

Fusion Luxury Motors wants people to feel comfortable with their experience. With no pressure to buy, customers are free to weigh all their options, and take time to determine what brand or style of car they are interested in purchasing. Fusion Luxury Motors is unique in California. The dealership sells used luxury cars and has a limited inventory, which is updated with each sale and car purchase. If a customer is interested in a car, Fusion Luxury Motors gives them the facts about the car, but does not pressure them into buying.

The Fusion Luxury Motors team is composed of two professionals: Obi Okeke and Yoel Wazana. Both have a long standing devotion to vehicles, and also have years of experience in the automotive field with both domestic and foreign brands.

Fusion Luxury Motors is unique, and wants to maintain their reputation for fantastic personal service. Fusion Luxury Motors wants to be the dealer people turn to when they look to purchase an ultra-luxury automobile. Customers can list cars anonymously, and can sell, trade in, or consign vehicles through Fusion Luxury Motors. The experience of Obi Okeke and Yoel Wazana makes the process of getting your new car easy and fun.

Customers can easily check out the inventory online, and check out the YouTube videos uploaded about the cars they are interested in. Fusion Luxury Motors turns around their inventory fairly quickly, so customers may not want to wait too long before they inquire about a vehicle.

Ever Changing Inventory at Fusion Luxury Motors

The automotive industry changes all the time. Companies are always redesigning car exteriors and interiors. The time also comes when car manufacturers stop producing a certain model of vehicle. This makes certain models valuable and hard to find. Fusin Luxury Motors is a dealership in North Los Angeles that sells ultra-luxury cars, but also purchases and sells classic and vintage cars.

Fusion Luxury Motors is unique in that they buy, sell, and consign cars – but only cars that are high-value. If you are looking for top quality, Fusion Luxury Motors is the dealership for you. Many customers have trusted their car searches to Fusion Luxury Motors because the team has the network to locate rare and hard-to-find cars for their customers.

Fusion Luxury Motors manages an inventory of cars. As they purchase automobiles, the purchased cars are added to their online inventory. As cars are sold, a watermark is placed over the car, so customers will know the car is no longer available. This ever changing inventory means customers who find a car they like should inquire about the car as soon as possible, because there may be other interested parties.

Fusion Luxury Motors is a well-run business. When they get a car in, a YouTube video is created about the car so customers interested in the automobile can look at the exterior and interior of the car. This is an ingenious tactic on the part of Fusion Luxury Motors, because customers can see whether or not they like a car before visiting the lot. This method also helps Fusion Luxury Motors sell inventory to clients across the United States, rather than only to customers from the Los Angeles, California area. So while there is no pressure to buy, customers should inquire quickly if an automobile catches their eye.

Procurement, Trade In, and Consignment with Fusion Luxury Motors

Sometimes, finding the perfect vehicle can be a challenge. Everyone has needs and wants when it comes to their vehicles, and sometimes there are features people do not want. For some people, a feature as simple as a sunroof is highly desirable; to others, a sunroof is nothing but a distraction and an invitation for water-damage.

Fusion Luxury Motors wants all customers to be satisfied with their vehicle purchases. With an ever-changing inventory, customers never know when the right vehicle may come along. If a customer sees the vehicle of their dreams, they can easily contact Fusion Luxury Motors about a car they found in inventory.

Getting out a vehicle can be bothersome and Fusion Luxury Motors understands the difficulties of exiting a vehicle. To simplify the process and make the transition easy for customers, Fusion Luxury Motors help customers navigate through the exit process. It is the goal of Fusion Luxury Motors to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. The easier the exit process is, the greater the satisfaction of the customer. Fusion Luxury Motors makes it easy to sell, trade-in or consign a vehicle to your business.

When it is easy to exit a vehicle, it makes it easier to purchase a new vehicle. Fusion Luxury Motors hopes people will look to their own changing inventory to find the ultra-luxury vehicle they have been looking for. Just as Fusion Luxury Motors tries to simplify the selling process, they also try to make purchasing easy and comfortable.

Fusion Luxury Motors does not practice high-pressure sales. When a customer is interested in an automobile, they know that customer will be more satisfied with their experience if they come to the decision to purchase on their own, rather than because they are pressured into a vehicle.

Fusion Luxury Motors Works Tirelessly

The managers at Fusion Luxury Motors believe that a good salesperson should be as good as the product that they sell. The vehicles provided by Fusion Luxury Motors are world renowned for their high quality, tireless engines, and extremely high performance. Fusion Luxury Motors expects the same tireless attitude out of its managers and staff. At most dealerships, a customer searching for a car not currently in the inventory will be redirected to a similar vehicle that is already present on the showroom floor. However, Fusion Luxury Motors takes a different stance. A supercar should be able to handle sudden twists and turns, easily overcoming difficult paths through tireless effort. Fusion Luxury Motors handles challenges in the same manner, welcoming the challenge of finding the perfect car for the client. Fusion Luxury Motors leverages a wide array of relationships within the exotic and classic car communities to find the car the client desires.

When it comes to tireless effort and supreme work ethic, Fusion Luxury Motors cannot be beat. Fusion Luxury Motors refuses to slack off when it comes to quality control. At Fusion Luxury Motors, it only makes sense that each high-performance car should be inspected in minute detail before being offered to a client. With personalized vehicle inspections, clients can trust that Fusion Luxury Motors will not offer them a subpar product. Managers at Fusion Luxury Motors work tirelessly to maintain a high standard of quality on their showroom floor. Another area in which Fusion Luxury Motors is tireless is maintaining client relationships. Experts say that a good relationship takes constant maintenance, and Fusion Luxury Motors takes this advice to heart in how they deal with Fusion Luxury Motors customers. The ideal customer for Fusion Luxury Motors is one that returns again and again for their high-performance needs. Fusion Luxury Motors works tirelessly to maintain their place at the top of the market.

Fusion Luxury Motors Specializes in High-End Performance

Clients do not come to Fusion Luxury Motors searching for a car that will just meet the minimum standards. A zero to sixty time in the seven-second range is just not good enough for Fusion Luxury Motors. Supercars are built to be a cut above even the highest competitors, and Fusion Luxury Motors aims to be the same within the automotive industry. Whether clients come to Fusion Luxury Motors searching for a record holding speedster like the Bugatti Veyron or a car that clings to corners like the Porsche 911, Fusion Luxury Motors brings a high performance attitude to the car buying process. Fusion Luxury Motors understands that clients demand the very highest quality out of the vehicles that they purchase, so Fusion Luxury Motors has undertaken the challenge of giving every vehicle that comes through the showroom a detailed inspection.

Whether a client is buying a speedster fresh off the assembly line or a hand restored classic, Fusion Luxury Motors’ extensive oversight process guarantees that the product delivered to the client will be in the best condition possible.

Fusion Luxury Motors also knows that it is important to keep luxury machines working on the highest possible level. It does the client no good to have a Ferrari 458 in the garage if the clutch is too worn out to drive. In an effort to keep clients' supercars operating on a super level, Fusion Luxury Motors provides a range of service and maintenance options specifically geared to the challenges and intricacies of exotic and luxury vehicles. Fusion Luxury Motors’ knowledgeable staff of mechanics has over 20 years of experience working specifically with luxury cars, and understands the demanding nature of each vehicle. Fusion Luxury Motors prides itself on delivering high-end performance to clients, both in the cars sold and the maintenance services that Fusion Luxury Motors provides.

Fusion Luxury Motors takes the work out of car buying and selling.

Purchasing a car is a trying task on the best of days, and Fusion Luxury Motors knows that the experience only becomes more trying when the car in question falls into the luxury category. Cars like the ones offered at Fusion Luxury Motors carry more than just an expectation of functionality. Clients come to Fusion Luxury Motors searching for a car that will evoke an emotional attachment as well as safe travel from point A to point B. When a client works with Fusion Luxury Motors, they are able to take advantage of a highly trained staff and allow Fusion Luxury Motors to go to work for them.

Instead of trying to push a specific model on every buyer that walks through the door, Fusion Luxury Motors aims to work with each client to find a vehicle that will meet both their needs and wants. One of the most difficult steps of the car buying process is moving away from an old vehicle. Fusion Luxury Motors works with clients at every step of the transition between vehicles, and can help make the move as seamless and hassle-free as possible. To this end, Fusion Luxury Motors maintains a wide base of previous clients and associates who are always looking to add to their collections of excellent automobiles. This network allows Fusion Luxury Motors to handle the sale of a client’s previous ride as well as work to put a client in the driver’s seat of a new car. Fusion Luxury Motors can also sell a client's car on consignment, working with the client and handling the day to day stress of trying to sell their vehicle.

This combination of one-stop shopping and attention to detail is unparalleled within the luxury automobile industry, and Fusion Luxury Motors is at the front of the pack, ready to streamline the process for clients.

History takes the drivers seat with Fusion Luxury Motors

In some car collections, there is a spot waiting to be filled by a machine from the golden era of luxury automobiles. Classic cars carry a beauty that modern design cannot capture. The effort and hand-drawn lines of yesteryear often outshine the computer modeled glory of modern luxury vehicles. Fusion Luxury Motors understands the importance of history in the automotive world, and tirelessly pursues the greatest vehicles of yesteryear. However, Fusion Luxury Motors knows that discerning customers are not looking to buy a beater or an average car from their childhood. Clients of Fusion Luxury Motors expect more from Fusion Luxury Motors than that.

When Fusion Luxury Motors acquires a classic car, the car is immediately sent to the Fusion Luxury Motors service center. At the Fusion Luxury Motors service center, the classic car is picked over with a fine-toothed comb. Fusion Luxury Motors' certified technicians document any and every flaw that they can find, and work tirelessly to bring the piece of rolling history to pristine condition. Fusion Luxury Motors has an excellent record working with classic vehicles, restoring them to a standard that is often higher than the original production value. At Fusion Luxury Motors, there is no reason that a vintage vehicle cannot have modern amenities. Fusion Luxury Motors willingly and smoothly fits modern technology like iPod connectivity and modern sound systems into classic cars, allowing discerning buyers to have classic style and modern convenience, all rolled into a single package. This fusion of classic and modern allows Fusion Luxury Motors clients to have their cake and eat it too.

Respect for the past allows Fusion Luxury Motors to look forward to the future. Fusion Luxury Motors aims to bring classic style to a new generation with its lineup of vintage and classic automobiles. The new style may be different, but at Fusion Luxury Motors, history still takes the driver’s seat sometimes.

Fusion Luxury Motors helps create the dream collection

For some buyers, one luxury car is all they want and need. But for others, it is the collection that is the dream. At Fusion Luxury Motors, the managers understand that different cars fit different situations. Some are made to be driven around town, allowing other drivers to marvel and envy the clean lines of the Audi R8. Some, however, are classic pieces that should only be driven on special occasions, like a 1966 Chevrolet Nova that has been rebuilt and painstakingly restored. Each of these cars helps to fill a specific role within a collection, and Fusion Luxury Motors understands that collectors need both to be satisfied.

To accommodate collectors, Fusion Luxury Motors prides itself on maintaining relationships with clients. Because the managers are car collectors themselves, Fusion Luxury Motors understands that cars are like suits. It is never good to be caught in the wrong one for the occasion. Collectors who work with Fusion Luxury Motors will appreciate the tireless attitude that Fusion Luxury Motors brings to the table, and enjoy the knowledge that Fusion Luxury Motors will help them find the specific make, model, and year to complete a section of their collection.

Fusion Luxury Motors also understands that luxury car collections should not be static. Collectors’ tastes are constantly changing, and Fusion Luxury Motors smoothly handles consignment sales as well as procurement for collectors.

The accommodating attitude put forward by Fusion Luxury Motors demonstrates Fusion Luxury Motors’ desire to constantly please their customers. Fusion Luxury Motors' manager Yoel Wazana has based his entire entrepreneurial career on the simple idea that happy, satisfied customers will come back to the same company for all of their future luxury needs. Yoel and the rest of the team at Fusion Luxury Motors have adopted this same strategy when it comes to helping curate collections.

Attention To Detail Sets Fusion Luxury Motors Apart

Precision driving is often talked about in the world of luxury cars. It is the proverbial golden fleece of every wannabe F1 driver. Entire TV shows and magazines have been dedicated to the art of accelerating out of the apex of a hairpin curve. At Fusion Luxury Motors, precision takes on a different meaning. Fusion Luxury Motors knows that the company reputation is on the line every time a client rolls off the showroom floor in a new BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, or Maserati. Because the pressure is always on for Fusion Luxury Motors, there must be an exceptional level of precision and attention to detail. Each car that Fusion Luxury Motors offers up for purchase must first be inspected on a minute level. Fusion Luxury Motors is unwilling to risk the company's record by allowing a flawed car to go to market. The dedicated team of technicians at Fusion Luxury Motors examines everything from the suspension to the hand stitched leather in the cockpit of the precision machines that Fusion Luxury Motors provides.

The attention to detail at Fusion Luxury Motors does not stop when the car rolls off the lot, either. Fusion Luxury Motors holds the repair and maintenance specialists employed to the same high standard. With years of experience under their belts, the technicians at Fusion Luxury Motors have all the expertise needed to perform complex maintenance on exotic and luxury vehicles. While Fusion Luxury Motors boasts the latest in computerized diagnostic equipment, Fusion Luxury Motors technicians pride themselves on being able to diagnose any malfunction on the first try. This attention to detail within the service bay allows Fusion Luxury Motors to truly maintain vehicles, not simply swap out parts and hope for the best. Fusion Luxury Motors is an industry leader due to Fusion Luxury Motors’ consistent attention to detail.

Fusion Luxury Motors Understands That Each Client is Different

Each client of Fusion Luxury Motors has different needs and wants in their pursuit of the perfect luxury automobile. Fusion Luxury Motors understands that while some people are hunting for the best sports car money can buy, others are looking for a tough people mover that still carries itself with style. Fusion Luxury Motors models the sales process in a fashion that allows for great amounts of flexibility.

The management team at Fusion Luxury Motors knows that each situation is different as well. While some want their new Lamborghini delivered with fanfare, so the neighbors will know just who has the best car on the block, other clients of Fusion Luxury Motors prefer a bit more discretion. Fusion Luxury Motors has options in place that fit both of these unique situations, and every one in between. Because of their large and diverse client base, Fusion Luxury Motors has experience with purchases that are major news and purchases that are kept mostly under the radar.

Fusion Luxury Motors desires to build a relationship with each and every client so that the client can feel comfortable asking for specific allowances within the sales process. When the client is satisfied and feels comfortable working with Fusion Luxury Motors, the leaders at Fusion Luxury Motors feel that they have done well accommodating the client's unique situation and needs.

Fusion Luxury Motors’ understanding of client needs also extends to shipping. While many clients are local to the California area, Fusion Luxury Motors happily creates shipping solutions to accommodate clients across the continent and around the globe. In the eyes of Fusion Luxury Motors, distance should never be the reason that a client has to settle for a subpar experience.

At Fusion Luxury Motors, each client is treated as unique, and Fusion Luxury Motors does everything possible to work with the unique needs of each client.

Fusion Luxury Motors Understands the Thrill

Cars were not made to sit still forever. Barring museum pieces and traffic jams, some cars are simply built for more than a daily commute. At Fusion Luxury Motors, the management understands the visceral response to a bit of understeer coming through a tight corner and the joy of feeling a W16 engine respond to a feathering of the accelerator. Fusion Luxury Motors knows that clients buy luxury performance cars with the intent of driving them aggressively, and Fusion Luxury Motors does all it can to provide cars that will allow clients to do so. Whether it is the straightaway rumble of a Mercedes AMG or the magnificent feel of a Ferrari 458 squealing around a corner, Fusion Luxury Motors has something to provide the thrill of driving for every client.

Fusion Luxury Motors understands the thrill because Fusion Luxury Motors was born out of a love of cars in motion, not just cars at rest. Manager Obi Okeke remembers the sight of precision drivers carving through the mountains near his childhood home. This is what drew him to a long career in the automotive industry. Yoel Wazana, Fusion Luxury Motors’ other manager, also harbors a deep love for the thrill of cars. Yoel Wazana brings a youthful exuberance to Fusion Luxury Motors, having designed and built several muscle cars of his own.

The thrill of driving does not always come from screaming through a test track, and Fusion Luxury Motors knows this full well. There is a different kind of thrill available from the smooth ride of the Rolls-Royce, and still another available by taking the Mercedes G-Class through its paces off the paved roads.

Regardless of the type of thrill a client is looking for, Fusion Luxury Motors understands it, and Fusion Luxury Motors has the capacity to supply it to clients at a moment's notice.

Customer Loyalty key to Fusion Luxury Motors

In an industry like automotive sales, traditional advertising methods can only go so far. Fusion Luxury Motors knows that it might get some walk-ins off the street, and TV and print advertisements help drum up business, but that is not the best way for Fusion Luxury Motors to bring in new clients. In Fusion Luxury Motors' opinion, the single best way to get new customers is through word of mouth referrals from past clients. Someone looking to purchase a new luxury vehicle is going to be much more interested in dealing with Fusion Luxury Motors if a friend directs them to come in.

To accomplish this goal, Fusion Luxury Motors does everything it can to ensure customer loyalty and create repeat customers. An array of services, including confidentiality and luxury car maintenance allows Fusion Luxury Motors to endear itself to prospective customers and long term acquaintances alike. Fusion Luxury Motors’ accommodating stance and ability to adjust the sales process to suit each individual client lets each prospective buyer feel like they have the full and undivided attention of the Fusion Luxury Motors team. Knowing that Fusion Luxury Motors is searching for the perfect car for them goes a long way in building customer loyalty within this highly competitive industry.

Customer loyalty has always been the key for Fusion Luxury Motors managing partner Yoel Wazana. In his long career prior to Fusion Luxury Motors’ existence, Yoel has always tried to leverage customer satisfaction to get referrals and create loyalty to his brand. This has been a highly successful formula for him, and he brought it with him to Fusion Luxury Motors, where it has been adopted company-wide.

Fusion Luxury Motors views each customer as vital to its success, and endeavors to treat them accordingly. Customer loyalty will always be central to Fusion Luxury Motors and its team.