Kelsey Buckley

Zionsville Middle School Media Specialist

Teacher, Leader, Coach, Collaborator, and Lifelong Learner

As a media specialist, I have the opportunity to work with every student and every teacher. I welcome this chance to teach and work with students and teachers!
Media Specialist

How can I help teachers?

  • Teach! Are the science teachers working on a research project? Offer to teach or co-teach a lesson about using EasyBib. Is a teacher struggling with enrichment ideas? Offer to create some differentiated options for those students who need enrichment. Is a math teacher wanting to use Google Sheets, but isn't sure how? Offer to help or teach a model lesson.
  • Present book talks to students to spark interest in reading. When students see me reading a book or talk with me about a book, I can almost guarantee that book will be off the shelves for weeks!
  • Present book talks with books related to current novel or nonfiction reading. For example, if a class has just finished The Giver, prepare a book talk with novels that relate to themes, genre, etc.
  • Listen! What do your teachers and their students need? Figure out how you can help and act.
  • Work with teachers to provide lessons for students who need some extra support. Some ideas include text-based scavenger hunts, book speed dating, and lessons that incorporate reading and technology.
  • Offer professional development opportunities based off student and teacher needs.
  • Provide opportunities for students to display and publish their work. If a student creates a book trailer, create a QR code and share online. If a class creates a book of poetry, have some copies available in the media center. Help students get excited about their work.
  • Display a scrolling presentation for media center visitors. This presentation could include silent booktalks, quotes, author spotlights, student spotlights, or student work. You could also make this interactive by using Padlet or Google Forms to pose questions to students about what they are reading.
  • Create book clubs and technology programs to encourage reading or technology, offer enrichment, and give students the opportunity to meet with like-minded peers.

Enrichment Activity - Music Video About a Character in a Novel

Bronx Masquerade Music Video

Math/Data Wall

I love this idea from Library Girl's blog! I post media center data for each month such as number of books checked out, pie graphs of the different types of books checked out, etc. Each week I post a math question that requires students to examine the data. I then send the names and responses in a Google Sheet to all of the math teachers, so they can see who is participating and use as a data collection tool. What a great way to connect with math teachers and students!

Photo: Creative Commons by LibraryGirlCC is licensed under CC By NC-SA 2.0.

Technology Specialist

Using Technology To Enhance Student learning

Using Social Media to Enhance Student Learning

Many of our students utilize one or more methods of social media on a daily basis. Social media is a tool that can be used to promote reading, share news and information, and even connect students with authors.

I am ready to embrace this experience as your Zionsville Middle School Media Specialist!