Seyed Mohammed Rida


THis A Biography Of Seyed Mohammed Rida

My great great grandfather’s name was Seyed Mohammed Rida. He was born in Mazandaran Province. He was one of a few people who survived the persecution of the babis, in Fort Shaykh Tabarsi. The Fort Tabarsi Battle happened in 1848-1849 in Mazandaran province, he was 15 years old at the time. His four brothers were killed in the struggle while Mohammed Rida survived. My great great grandfather was sent to prison several times because of teaching and spreading the Babi and Baha’i Faith in Iran.

Seyed Mohammed Rida's Timeline and Family Tree

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Because of his in belief and dedication to the Baha’i Faith, all his children continued to remain to be humble servants to the Baha’i faith. Many of his decedents and relatives suffered persecutions because of their belief. His grandchildren and great great grandchildren are all around the world. If had not survived the struggle, none of my family would be here. Also if he had not believed in the Baha’I Faith my family and i may not have found the faith.