Osama Bin Laden

By Nicholas Adams

Who is this Psychopath

Well Osama bin laden was 1 of the badest mamajamas of them all. For example you know 9/11 right? Well he planned it. So he's a bad bad dude. Also you think it might be bad having 2 or three brothers or sisters. Well he was the 17 of his 54 brothers and sisters man that must be a madhouse.


After 9/11 Osama was the FBI'S most wanted. He was wanted for 25million dollars. One of the reasons is because in 1973 his first act of terrorism was blowing up a hotel in Pakistan. He led the group called al-quida. He came together original as a part of the museum brotherhood. A bad group of people who got Osama to believe in there religion.
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Death of a crazy man

Inside Bin Laden Raid
Osama Bin Ladden