The Land of Pompeii




The city once burried in ash.

Mount Vesuvius

A volcano that has errupted over 50 times and made a town dissapear for nearly 2,000 years!

Pliny the Younger's description of the volcano

Its general appearance can best be expressed as being like an umbrella pine, for it rose to a great height on a sort of trunk and then split off into two branches, I imagine because it was thrust upward by the first blast and then left unsupported as the pressure subsided, or else it was borne down by its own weight so that it spread out and gradually dispersed. Sometimes it looked white, sometimes blotched and dirty, according to the amount of soil and ashes it carried with it."

What happened to Pompeii?

Pompeii was burried in ash by the volcano that errupted in 79 A.D. The ancient Roman city was burried in a carpet of ash. Two thousand people died and the city was abonded for several years.
People were out spending the day doing normal things they wouldve done on a normal day until the volcano errupted. People didnt think the volcano was going to errupt even though they were informed a week in advance. By the time they were trying to escape, it was too late, tons and tons of ash began to poor over the town. And the erruption lasted several days. No one survived the explosion who were there for it however the "smart" people got away a week before the explosion.
Pompeii was then discovered again in 1748 by a group of explorers looking for ancient artifacts. The ash acted as a preservative and everything looked pretty much like it did 1,700 years before. 

Tools used to discover Pompeii

many people choose to dig out Pompeii because the ash and rock is so deep.