Learning Styles - A3

by Daniel Todd

Explain how an awareness of your learning style can improve your ability to learn and help personal development

All of us have different learning styles. Some of us are visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary learners. Finding out your learning style can improve your ability to learn and help personal development.


If you are a visual learner you prefer using pictures, images and spatial understanding. You are creative and imaginative. So a visual learner would find it very hard to learn from a teacher that hands out work and you simply read and take information in.


These are not as common as other learning styles but they do exist. Aural learners are most effectively taught by using sound and music. Obviously, here many people studying music will favour this.


The verbal learner is often loud and enthusiastic. They learn from talking out loud both in speech and writing. They work best in teams where they can share there ideas out loud and have opinions on them. These would not be taught well in solitary conditions.


Logical learners tend to like using logic and reasoning to solve a puzzle or question. It's often a time consuming way of learning but it will get you the right answer in the end. Engineers will most likely be logical thinkers as they have to solve problems day in day out using trial and error.


Social learners work best with others. By themselves they will fail. Social people love to talk and share their ideas. They love getting there point across however they also love hearing other peoples thoughts. This is why they learn so effectively in groups.


Solitary learners are best when on their own. They use self-study to succeed. These learners often post sticky notes around there room to revise. They will listen to music to help them focus.