PBL Presentation

Deborah's House Service Project

Overview of the project

My 5th grade ELL Social Studies class designed, and completed a service project. Students learned about, and came up with a plan to help Deborah's House. Deborah's House is a shelter for abused women and their children in Tijuana, Mexico. It is a non-profit organization, run completely on donations.

Project details

We started by learning more about Mexico, it's geography, people, money and language. Then I gave a brief overview of Deborah's House. Next, the students came up with interview questions to ask the director of Deborah's House. They then got to Skype with him, and ask their questions. During that time, they also got to have a brief tour of the grounds, and the building at Deborah's House.

Their next activity, was to design a menu, as if they were going to feed the women at the shelter four meals. My students then looked through newspaper advertisements to discover how much their meal would cost, to feed everyone, for those four meals. After this activity, we decided if our project was going to be to raise money to send to the shelter, or to make something for each of the women and children there. They decided to raise money, and used their menu total, to come up with a goal. We decided on a goal of $500.

Next, the group worked together to write a persuasive essay requesting an out of uniform day, which they presented to their principal. The principal gave them some good ideas instead, and we settled on having a change drive instead of an out of uniform day. The students created posters, charts to graph the progress, decorated containers for each classroom, wrote up an article for the school newsletter, wrote a script for class presentations explaining the change drive, came up with a slogan, and wrote announcements to be broadcast in the morning.

The week of the change drive, the group was responsible for collecting the containers from each classroom, counting the money, and updating the charts in the hallway. At the end of the week, we totaled up all the money to determine the winner and if we had reached our goal. Our goal was to collect $500, and we actually raised $637.18.

The next week, we Skyped with the director of Deborah's House again to tell him about the drive, and how much was raised. He was very pleased with the results. The women at the shelter were very grateful, and sent a handmade flower pin for each of the students in the group. While we were Skyping with him, we also got an update on how things are going at the shelter. The building that had just been started when we began our project was nearly complete!

To wrap up the project, the students did self-evaluations and peer-evaluations. They also reflected on what went well, what needed improvement, what was their favorite part, and something that they had learned.

Some pictures of the project in progress

Running totals of money collected


K: $0

1: $6.84

2: $0

Even: $5.29

Simon: $7.27

4: $1.22

5: $3.09

Staff: $9.23

Total: $32.94

Tuesday Running total:

K: $0 Total: $0

1: $13.42 Total: $20.26

2: $20.27 Total: $20.27

Even: $1.55 Total: $6.84

Simon: $11.15 Total: $18.42

4: $0 Total: $1.22

5: $14.79 Total: $17.88

Staff: $4.44 Total: $13.67

Total: $65.62 Total: $98.56

Wednesday: Running total:

K: $4.25 Total:$4.25

1: $9.40 Total:$29.66

2: $6.24 Total: $26.51

Even: $14.07 Total: $20.91

Simon: $0.59 Total: $19.01

4: $0.10 Total: $1.32

5: $8.33 Total:$26.21

Staff: $1.87 Total:$15.54

Total: $44.85 Total:$143.41

Thursday: Running total:

K: $8.90 Total:$13.15

1: $23.72 Total:$53.38

2: $19.80 Total:$46.31

Even: $25.32 Total:$46.23

Simon: $16.92 Total:$35.93

4: $12.42 Total:$13.74

5: $60.76 Total:$86.97

Staff: $56.21 Total: $71.75

Total: $224.05 Total: $367.46

Friday: Running total:

K: $23.26 Total: $36.41

1: $43.18 Total: $96.56

2: $11.56 Total: $57.87

Even: $26.06 Total: $72.29

Simon: $4.64 Total: $40.57

4: $47.08 Total: $60.81

5: $41.99 Total: $128.96

Staff: $72.60 Total: $144.35

Total: $270.37 Total:$637.18

Cross curricular connections

Presentations to each class-public speaking, writing

Posters, progress charts and containers-writing, art

Counting money-math

Meal planning menu-math, writing, reading

Persuasive essay and presentation to principal-writing, speaking

Newsletter write up-writing

2 Skype sessions-technology, speaking

Learning about Mexico-geography

Interview-asking questions, and receiving information

Self evaluation/reflection, peer evaluation

Goal setting- writing

Service-helping others

Graphing progress for each class-math