The Extra

(Tic-Tac-Toe Project)

Lilo Friwald and Mr. Frank


  1. They always have a way to think for the better
  2. They can ignore other people and go with their gut instinct
  3. They disregard barriers such as race and different groups

  1. Sometimes Lilo can get way too excited and cant control herself while Mr. Frank stays calm
  2. Mr. Frank has too stay in hiding while Lilo is in the camps
  3. Mr. Frank is supporting her kids and family while Lilo has to support her mother

The Choice that saved her

Lilo was given the option to listen to the "good matron" or not. She decides to take her advice and meet her before the sanitation. She hid under the pile of pig droppings while everybody else was in line to get "sanitized". She skipped the event, and if she didn't listen to good matron than she would b in serious pain just like her mother.