Vocabulary in Disciplinary Literacy

Vocabulary Types

  1. Generalized vocabulary: Widely agreed upon meaning.
  2. Specialized vocabulary: Multiple meanings in different content areas.
  3. Technical vocabulary: Used in one field of study.

  1. Tier 1: Common, known words, conversational.
  2. Tier 2: High frequency words, cross-curricular words, general academic words.
  3. Tier 3: Low frequency, domain specific words.

Using this information in the classroom:

  • Being aware of vocabulary type is important!
  • Choosing vocabulary types that are not too easy, or too difficult is important.
  • Tier 2 words are most often focused on and most necessary to teach.

Vocabulary for English Language Learners


  • Start vocabulary instruction early!
  • Understand individuals background before instruction, students with literate backgrounds will learn very different than students with illiterate backgrounds.
  • Place students in groups.
  • Review idioms, slang, etc.
  • Lots of visuals to accompany words.
  • My content area is reading, so all these points would apply well in my classroom.
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Vocabulary Learning and the Common Core

  • Vocabulary learning is developed within other concept development.
  • Vocabulary development is deep, and relates words to each other.
  • Involves the structure of words, not just the definition.

Uses in my content area, reading:

  • Teach vocabulary within other strategies, I could have a vocabulary section at the beginning of any lesson.
  • Teach word families.
  • Teach bases and roots.
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