The Cloud Connection

Sept. 9, 2013

Math: So far students are handling the switch to a different math text well. We're working on vocabulary and a few different methods of instruction. I'm teaching strategies for problem solving and they like trying these out. We're beginning the second chapter of their text this week so we'll be reviewing adding and subtracting. Much of what we'll be doing will be with larger numbers and estimation. Homework is: Mon. pg. 62-64, Tues. pg. 71-72, Wed. pg. 77-78 and Thurs. pg. 84-84.

Reading: We finished our first book and had a great book talk with students taking active roles in discussing the book. This week we'll be reading from the Jr. Great Book series which is a program that incorporates higher order thinking and requires students to read shorter passages several times in preparation for a group discussion about their reading.

Language: I'll be going over Voice with students this week, and we'll have a chance to practice ways to put voice into our writing. Students will also have a skill sheet on basic language mechanics this week. We'll begin our spelling program this week. I've included the spelling words and expect students to go through them at least three nights at home.

tail tale pain pane waist waste wait weight steal steel

peace piece higher hire grown groan shone shown toad towed

Social Studies: This week we'll do a bit of review of how maps work and we'll learn about latitude and longitude.

Science: We're continuing our study of insects this week. Students will be choosing one insect to study and complete a mini investigation on that insect. This work will be done in class so unless students aren't using their time wisely they shouldn't have homework associated with this project.

Other items: Friday is a school spirit day. Students are encouraged to wear school colors or gear with WHE logo on it. New t-shirts and sweatshirts are on sale at school for $15/$30.

I had several students wanting to order from the book order who said they forgot to bring their order in so I've changed the deadline to this Wed., Sept. 11. Thank you. Please send checks payable to Scholastic or Arrow, not to me or WHE.

I'm assigning the first book report this week. It will be due Oct. 10th. Students need to read a book at their reading level that's approx. 100 pages. The first report is going to be a poster. I'll enclose specific information next week about the poster, for now they need to select their book and start reading. For this report I'm allowing students to choose any genre they'd like.

I still have a few families that need to pay the craft/magazine fee. If you haven't done so please try to get that turned in soon. The magazines are already starting to arrive. Thank you.

Many thanks to the parents who are actively supporting our PTO. Look for information coming home this week about the school's first fundraiser. Money from the PTO directly supports student learning through field trips, supplies, equipment and other needs.

Show School Spirit Day

Friday, Sep. 13th, 8:30am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Students are encouraged to wear school colors (blue, black, silver, white) or clothing with our school logo on it the second Friday of each month.

Early Release

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 1:45pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Buses will run their regular routes, just 1 1/2 hours earlier.

School Pictures

Friday, Sep. 20th, 9am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Our class' photos will be taken sometime between 9-3.