Owl Notes

MAY 29


I honestly have no words to explain how special I feel. I GET to come to work with each and everyone of you on a daily basis. Ya'll know I love me some Jon Gordon and he constantly posts or tweets, change you "have to" to "get to." I don't have to change my work statement from "have to" to "get to," I'm already there! Over the last 10 weeks, you have amazed me with a constant reminder of your flexibility, adaptability, willingness to learn and grow and make school happen distantly. (Sometimes it's not easy to to bend, but look out guys, we did it and we haven't broken yet). From ambassadors with SeeSaw to transitioning to video lessons in Canvas, you guys are AMAZING! It was bittersweet to get together one last time this year to close out the 2019-2020 school year. As we look to the future, while there are still a lot of unknowns, the one thing I am sure of, I GET to be the principal of the THE BEST elementary with THE BEST staff around.

However you feel like you faced the last 10 weeks, know you did it well. You persevered and survived. Make sure and take time for you this summer. You need to de-stress, relax and think about yourself. Whether it's a week, two days or a month, you deserve it, but more importantly, YOU NEED IT!

I wish for you a happy, healthy and safe summer. For those going on to different challenges, we wish you the best and will hold a special place in our hearts because of you. For those coming back, we wish you a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you back here, hopefully together! As Dr. Null reminded us yesterday, it's been 10 weeks since Spring Break and look where we are. It's 10 weeks till school starts. Wonder what will change between now and then. All I know is, we WILL do it! Whatever it looks like, whatever is needed, WE WILL ANSWER THE CHALLENGE!

Happy summer my friends! Much love to you all!!!


*If you hear from parents about bags, we will be on campus next week M-Th from 7:30 - 5:30. They are welcome to come ring the front bell and we will get it for them. Report cards should go out end of next week, again, if parents are asking.

*Give away stuff - In the past, we have placed items on the stage for "giveaway." Better known as one mans junk is another mans treasure. We are not going to be doing that at this time. If you have something you are not going to use next year, throw it away or maybe we can set up a google "shopping" place where you can place a picture or description of something. I just don't want to place a bunch of stuff on the stage for Marina to have to throw away later.

* Summer school - There is a possibility of face to face summer school in July. More than likely we will have it on our campus. Currently the dates they are looking at are July 6 - 17. They are looking at classroom based and a maximum of 11 in a class. If you are interested in the event this happens, please email me by Friday.

*Technology work orders - If you have computers in your room that need technology assistance over the summer, please contact Jeanie Wyatt PRIOR to moving the computers to her room. She needs to know where they belong and the needs.

*Work orders - If your classroom has issues and needs work orders this summer, please email Kathie G by Friday of next week.


There are still several folks who have not done the "official" check out at the link below. Please take time and complete that before Monday.



*Curriculum adjustments - There is a link off of the C&I website that shows the adjustments to curriculum for the first nine weeks. It is a side by side that shows skills for the last nine week for the previous grade and where they are going to be put in for the first nine weeks. It might be worthy of taking time to look at as our first nine weeks will look much different from what we have taught the last several nine weeks.

*THEME - Our theme next year will be "BETTER TOGETHER." We will be working on staff and student shirt designs and will you know end of July about ordering staff shirts.


Summer school at ORE - July 6 - 17 - watch for more information

June 15 - 19 - Tami on vacation

July 21 - Kathie, Virginia, Kara, and Becky return to work

July 29 - August 3 - New Teacher Orientation (Monday is on campus)

August 3 - Swap day for Safe Schools videos (if completed)

August 4 - 10 Campus staff development

August 7 - All paraprofessionals return to work

August 12 - First day of school