How to Write a Research Paper

Research is an often used word especially in academic world and almost all higher degree qualifications require students to undertake some or other research work and write a research paper on that. Research implies a systematic investigation in a narrow field of enquiry. So, the key word is systematic and for a research to be authentic, an appropriate and valid process of research shall be followed.

Undergraduate and master level students usually do not have much exposure to the process of how to write a research paper. So, a student shall explore several examples and samples of research paper before commencing to work on a dissertation or research project. A normal and usual outline of a research paper is


Literature Review

Research Methodology

Data Collection

Data Analysis,

Conclusion and Recommendation

Another outline especially for a small research paper could be just Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Though it is not as simple and linear process, as it may seem from this outline. First difficulty starts with identifying what area to be researched upon and then within that area of study; what research objectives and problems to be finalized for research. So, the process of writing a research paper starts with identifying the research area. This area should be such that you have sound academic interest and practical background in this research domain. Once that is selected; you should know your limits and according to that only select a very focused and narrow area of research. Understanding time and financial limits are important to finish your research without any hassles.

Your research objectives shall be such that you are clearly able to express what you are going to do and what you want to achieve. Based on your research objectives; you should finalise your research questions. In writing your research paper; these basic aspects would be part of your introduction. Introduction of the research paper will also comprise of purpose and significance of your study. Introduction shall provide all the basic details of your research and shall be written in such a way that it develops interest of the reader in the subject to explore further of the paper.

Further, in a usual format and example of a research paper, next section would be either body or literature review. In literature review; you would provide brief explanation of the research area and present what previous researchers have found out and concluded in this domain of study. A critical and recent analysis of literature is very important.

Once that is done; next chapter or part of a research paper is identifying and mentioning the appropriate methodology of the research that would be used for the project. Research design is the most critical aspect of a research process and shall be finalized in a very authentic and valid way. After the research methodology finalization; the process of data collection starts and it should be presented in the paper as suitable and requirement of the research paper.

This leads to the process of data analysis using statistical techniques and making logical inferences from the analysis of the data. By combining all the logical inferences; one moves to final section of the research paper that contains conclusion and recommendations from the researcher. Limitations of the research and suggestions for future researches can also be specified by the researcher.

It is very important that you go through several examples and samples of research paper to understand the process completely. Our team would be happy to provide any such examples and address any query. You can reach to our experts on . Specifically mention in the subject of the email, what kind of help you are looking for.